The 4 best Linux Books

Linux Pocket Guide: Essential Commands

  • This pocket guide includes the file system and shell.
  • Other important commands such as file creation editing and software installation commands.
  • Also, learn about text manipulation and user account management.

If you are a Linux user, Linux Pocket Guide Essential Commands is the perfect pocket guide. This book is very useful in your day to day work. You can consider it a job reference guide. This revised edition includes almost all essential commands that you need in daily use.

Linux Pocket Guide includes different commands for processing images and audio files. Furthermore, it includes different commands to run and kill programs. Besides, you will find command to read and modify the system clipboard. This guide also helps you to manipulate your PDF files. It also helps you to manipulate different users’ requests.

In addition, you will find very handy command-line idioms. Have you ever listened about these idioms? These idioms include piping into bash as well as process substitution. Above all, this guide offers you an amazing organized learning path. So you can find all useful commands at a single place.

Furthermore, if you are a novice in Linux, this guide is helpful to boost your performance. So you can quickly read and type commands. So it will make your learning process very easy and straightforward. So it speeds up your working. Above all, this book is enough to make you a super Linux user. Finally, you will use Linux like a pro after reading this book!

How Linux Works, 2nd Edition: What Every Superuser Should Know

  • This book explains the whole booting process in Linux.
  • Further, learn about kernel manager and device drivers.
  • It also includes networking, firewalls, interfaces, and server working.

There are various reasons that make Linux a more preferable OS among all operating systems. For example, it doesn’t hide any important bit from you. Everything is obvious and open to all. So Linux provides you the full control over your computer.

Therefore, it is very important to learn the complete working of Linux OS. So How Linux Works, 2nd Edition answers you in detail about Linux working. This book ends your all curiosities by answering and explaining crucial concepts. So you will be proficient in Linux after reading this entire book. How? You will find every bit of information that people get from years of experience.

In addition, this book explains how Linux boots. So this hands-on guide teaches you the complete implementation of the boot loader. Moreover, it explains how the kernel manages devices, processes and device drivers. You will also learn about firewalls, networking, and interfaces.

Besides, you will learn about the entire working mechanism of servers. This book further guides you about different development tools. Above all, you will be capable to write effective shell scripts. Further, it covers system calls, file systems, input, and output. So you will find this book enriched with various practical examples.

In fact, a single example is better than thousands of words. So the writer explains everything using useful examples. Finally, you will be an expert Linux user after reading this book!

Linux for Beginners: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Learn Linux Operating System and Master Linux Command-Line. Contains Self-Evaluation Tests to Verify Your Learning Level

  • This book introduces you to the benefits of Linux over other OS.
  • It also guides you about the installation process of Linux on virtual machines.
  • Further, learn about core concepts of shell in Linux.

There are many popular operating systems available on the internet. Linux is one of the most powerful operating systems among all. You can achieve using Linux this in unachievable on other operating systems. However, Linux is a little bit difficult to use. Because you need to have a strong grip on various command-line commands.

Almost 100% of all world’s supercomputers run on Linux. Moreover, more than 96% of the top 1 million servers run on Linux. In simple words, Linux is everywhere. So now you are familiar with the power and importance of Linux OS. Therefore, almost all software engineers to IT experts know at least the basics of Linux.

Linux for Beginners is the best point for stepping inside the Linux world. Linux gives you full controls on your machine. This book has everything for beginners to learn. So you will learn the installation process to shell scripting. Such as using Linux text editors. Further, cover network administration on Linux. So after reading this entire book, you will be capable to commence your career in Linux.

Linux Bible

  • This book covers basics to very advanced concepts about Linux.
  • Further, bring Linux to the cloud using Cloud Forms and Open Stack.
  • It also explains recent changes in Linux server system management.

This is an ultimate hands-on user guide for absolute beginners. Moreover, if you are an advanced learner, Linux Bible is also for you! This edited version includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. It also covers Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Fedora 21 and other latest information about cloud computing.

In addition, this book guides you with the new enhancements for enterprise-quality file systems. Moreover, you will learn about the new boot process and service management. This guide also covers Open Stack and Cloud Forms. Furthermore, this guide also covers GNOME 3 desktop.

Besides, this book explains all concepts in detail in almost 900 pages! This book assumes that you have no knowledge of Linux. So this book takes you to step by step from simple to advanced concepts. First of all, you will learn some basic things such as Linux installation. Then you will move to the advanced concepts.

Above all, this book covers the recent changes to Linux server system management. So you can bring Linux to the cloud using Cloud Forms and Open Stack. So after reading this book, you will use Linux like a pro. Finally, you will use various shell commands to boost your performance.

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