The 4 best Advanced Programming Books

Learning programming is quite fun, however, programming is not a thing you are going to learn once and you call it quits with books, it is a daily learning thing. As a programmer you will always want to be at the top of your game, to manage this you will have to keep yourself up to date and always find a way to make something new. Programming is like a tool, everyone uses it differently to bring out very new ideas. As technology advances, more complex programs will be needed to run thing. As a programmer therefore you will need to update yourself every time with the new knowledge that comes up to be able to be competitive in the fast advancing technology world. For you to achieve this as a developer, you will need to find ne up to date books that will help you to sharpen your knowledge and understand the improvements that have occurred in the world of programming. Here is a list of the books that will be very much helpful in the advancement of your skills;

Web Design With Html, CSS JavaScript And jQuery Set (by Jon Duckett)

  • Two books in one
  • Cheaper compared to the information it gives
  • The language used is simple to understand
  • It helps the experts in web designing, but beginners can benefit to some extend too

This is a set of two books put together for the purpose of giving you a well detailed content for your web designs. The first book helps you to cover HGTML and CSS and the second book helps you in covering JavaScript and jQuery. The first book is loaded with all sorts of information to help you understand HTML and CSS ceartly. The book covers structure, tables, links, images, adding styles, layouts, among other areas in web designing. This book interprets the information well. The book will help you to understand all the basics in web designing. The second book will help you to know how to use visuals, diagrams and photographs.

Advanced Topics In Types And Programming Languages (The MTI Press) by Benjamin C. Pierce

  • Rich in content
  • It contain exercises for practice
  • Chapters are detailed and broken down for easy understanding
  • Well explained and easy language to understand

This is the best book if you want to move away from the beginner category in programming. The book deal with most detailed information that concerns programming languages. The topics covered in this book include; types of language analysis, types o f systems for low-level languages, application of the types of languages to computer programs, a framework for the design of sophisticated module systems and the advanced techniques in ML- style type inference. Most of the programming languages are looked at including; python sql, JavaScript, php, visual basics among others.

All the chapters in this book will require someone who has the basic knowledge in programming and so if you want to move a step higher as a beginner who has the basic programming skills, then this is the book suitable for you. Every chapter in the book has exercises which are set according to difficulty; you can try them from the simplest to the most difficult. The book is good and rich in information but it is a bit expensive.

Fluent Python: Clear Concise And Effective Programming(by Luciano Ramolho )

  • Extensive topics for easy understanding
  • Simple to understand if you are not a beginner
  • Covers what was left out in beginner course

This is a book mainly for experienced python programmers. It is a simple book to understand if you have knowledge in python. The book helps you as a python programmer to improve on your accent of python language. This book is intended to cover the information that is not given to us when taking beginner course in python. The book will cover topics that include; python data model, data structures, functions and objects, object-oriented idioms, control flow and metaprogramming. This book is good for advanced python programmers who have knowledge about python 2 already not beginners and so it deals mostly with python 3.

Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide(by Josh Skeen and David Greenhalgh)

  • Well elaborated steps to follow
  • Examples are available and are well explained
  • The book is quite affordable

This is the book you will need if you want to dive deeper into developing of software. The book might not be really helpful to a beginner but as a developed programmer it is very essential to you. Android app entirely depends on this type of language to be developed. The language operates along with java and that is why it is not best for a total beginner, it means you to have a basic knowledge about programming. This book is amazing because it comes along with examples and clear explanations of the concept in kotlin. The book covers. The content I the book is arranged in easy-to-follow steps that will help you as a developer to understand the concept of kotlin better.

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