The 4 best Angular Books

Pro Angular 6

  • Build up a strong base of MVC pattern
  • Make you capable to extend and customize Angular
  • Learn to create advanced level client-side applications

Pro Angular 6 is for those who have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Angular is a renowned framework of JavaScript used to create rich client-side applications. This book starts from the nuts and bolts and takes you to build the most advanced websites. It guides you on how to use complex features of Angular to make your site phenomenal. All chapters discuss common problems and their possible solutions for the ease of developers.

This book accompanies online files for Angular 7. So after purchasing this book, you will have access to those online files. You can use these files in Angular 7 without modifications. Every web developer knows the importance of Angular. You need a suitable platform to polish your development skills. Pro Angular 6 has the capability to make you a pro.

When you complete the last chapter of Pro Angular 6, you will be capable to create rich and dynamic web app clients with Angular. This book is very useful to gain a solid architectural understanding of the Model View Control pattern. It helps you to use different ng tools to build your Angular project. This book facilitates you to extend and customize Angular and testing different Angular projects.

Pro Angular 6 covers ng command-line tools, angular/cli, and WebPack. This book includes HttpClient to simplify different asynchronous HTTP requests. The book further presents an update to pipes and enhances text display.

Beginning Angular with Typescript (updated to Angular 6)

  • Develop fully functional apps for web and desktop
  • Chapters discuss different components to the point
  • Learn the most powerful framework in minimum time

Beginning Angular with Typescript is very useful to enhance your web development skills. Before getting started, you don’t need any experience with Typescript or Angular JS. All you need to have a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. It is better if you are familiar with object-oriented programming.

Angular is one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks to develop different apps across all platforms. You can reuse your code and build very fast and high performing apps for different platforms. For example, you can build web, mobile web and desktop apps with Angular. The important thing of Angular is that you use small components to build a large robust app.

This book contains almost 200 pages and available at an affordable price. You can be a master web developer after the completion of this book. At the very start, this book guides you on how to create and use Angular components. Later on, this book covers conditional rendering, pipes, and ng-content. You will learn about the template and model-driven forms.

Beginning Angular with Typescript also introduces about observables. You learn how to get data from restful APIs using observables. It guides you about routing and modules structuring for large apps. This book helps you to learn CRUD and authentication with Firebase/ Firestore.

ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular

  • All components have coded examples for better understanding
  • Includes several working sample apps
  • Covers basic to the advanced concept of Angular JS

ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular discusses the core Angular concepts. Tells you about how Angular works. To get started with this book, all you need to have a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. The important thing of Angular is that you use small components to build a large robust app.

If you don’t want to waste your time searching for a productive and well-organized place, this book is for you. It is said that only one example is better than one thousand words. This book contains dozens of practical examples for a better understanding of the reader. This Angular resource is the best guide for code organization, structuring and test your app to enhance performance.

The Complete Guide to Angular starts with the development of the simplest web application. At the very start, this book clear all basic concepts such as how Angular works? This book covers a wide variety of topics. These topics include built-in directives, forms in Angular, HTTP and APIs.

Moreover, you will learn routing, dependency injection, and complete data architecture with observables. The list doesn’t end here. This list further includes redux, typescript, data architecture with redux. You will explore more advanced components and testing methods.

This book contains some sample apps example for better understanding. These sample apps include a real-time chat app and a YouTube search as you type app. Furthermore, a Spotify search for different tracks with playable song preview. All code examples include over 5500 lines code.

Angular 5: From Theory to Practice: Build the web applications of tomorrow using the new Angular web framework from Google

  • Contains 50,000-foot view of the remarkable features of Angular
  • In the very first chapter, you will create your first app
  • The complete method of Unit Test Angular using Angular Test Bed

This book is ideal for those students who are existing web developers. Otherwise, readers should have some basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Angular is a framework of JavaScript that will enhance your development skills. Furthermore, to get started with this book, you must be familiar with HTML and basic CSS.

This incredible resource helps you to write code from scratch and then build complex applications. You will have a grip over the Angular command-line interface. There is a detailed list of features this book offers. You will learn Typescript, ES6 JavaScript, components, directives, binding, dependency injection, and services. In addition to this, this book explains Angular modules and bootstrapping your Angular applications.

This book guides you about SPAs, routing, Forms, Angular CLI, HTTP, and unit testing. Besides, you will learn reactive programming with RXJs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this guide is the finest source to learn Angular JS.

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