The 4 best Algorithms Books

Programming has become a very essential thing in the current world, close to everything is getting programmed currently, this is the reason the field still needs a lot of savvy programmers to keep up the game. As a budding programmer, there are very many things you need to learn about programming to merge the stiff competition in this sector. Everyone wants to master programming for them to solve problems, this cannot be achieved without having the basics of algorithms. Algorithms are very important in computing science; all programs are implemented of the algorithms in a specific programming language.

It is therefore very necessary for you as a programmer to understand algorithms, to do this you will need the best algorithm books that will help you master the concept within a short period of time. But which books are best for you? Down here I have compiled a list of the best books you can use when you want to learn algorithms.

Introduction to algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen 

  • It has real life application examples
  • The language used in explanation is easy to understand
  • It is affordable

If you are just beginning, this will be the right base for you to start build on. This book has a very unique way of covering the topics, they are covered extensively in such a way that in each chapter of the book is covered in depth, because it presents an algorithm, it then explains the design of the algorithm and it ends it all by giving you the real life application hence by the end of a chapter you will be ready to apply the algorithms in the real world. This book will be covering concepts like polynomial algorithms, classical algorithms computational geometry among very many other modern algorithms. By the end of this book, you will be able to identify all the algorithms and apply them in real life projects.

Algorithms illuminated: part 1 by Tim Rodgers

  • It is extensive
  • It is quite affordable
  • The concepts are clearly explains and there is the use of many examples.

This is another book that will give you exposure to the introductory part of algorithms, it will give a good base on which you can build on the knowledge in algorithms in future. The book contains very many one-on-one lessons that will help you understand even better.  Algorithms illuminated is very extensive in its chapters, you will be able to cover concepts of algorithm and how to apply them when it comes to network routing, computational geometrics, database system implementation and public key cryptography among many other areas. The covered concepts include; big-O notations, divide-and-conquer algorithms and other well known algorithms. After you have studied this book, you will gain a lot of knowledge in programming especially in the application of algorithms in writing programs.

Algorithm design manual, by Steven S S. Skiena

  • It contains new up-to date information
  • The book contains very many examples and the application to the real world
  • The language used is very simple and easy to understand
  • It is good for both beginners and advanced learners because the content is extensive.

This is the second edition of the book which has been improved from the first edition to include more details. The book is good for you whether you are a professional seeking out extra knowledge about algorithms or you are a student studying for exams. The book has chapters which have the most relevant information that is much vital for learning. It is concerned on addressing those parts that people believe they are hard, this book breaks them down and explains them in the simplest way possible. The author of this book employs the use of different resource materials to pass information because it is a more practical book than theory, this is the reason why he has used a lot of videos, images lecture slides and also audio to pass the information. The book covers 75 different types of algorithmic problems and how to apply them in the real world; the implementation is mainly in java language, C language and C++ language.

Algorithms by Jeff Erickson

  • The book has numerous examples that will help you understand more
  • It majors on problem solving and application making it the best for advanced learners.
  • The book breaks down the difficult concepts into smaller concepts which can be understood easily
  • This book is quite affordable for its content 
  • It includes extra materials like pictures which enhances understanding.

If you are looking for a book that will make all hard-to-understand concepts the easiest when it comes to algorithms, then you will need to check out this one. This book has a unique way of presenting the designs and the analysis of the algorithms. The book majors on the fundamental ways of problem solving process. It is loaded with examples that will help you to understand the concepts in a better way. The learning in this book is based on the numerous problem solving examples that are given and the techniques used in reaching to the solution. Learning using this book will help you to understand how to apply the algorithms in the real world of programming, you will also be equipped with all problem solving techniques in algorithms.

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