The 5 best Android Programming Books

If you know anything about programming you probably know about this. Android offers a framework that allows you to create apps and games for mobile devices. This system goes around the Java programming language. The apps you create will be a combination of different components that can be individually used. Similarly, your app can be adapted to be used in different devices. You can create different archives for different types of screens. If you don’t want it to adapt to different devices you can declare what functions it can’t perform. Google Play won’t install it on the devices that can’t.

If you want to learn it is a great choice. First, it is an open source code, you can make whatever you want. Also, Google Play Store is a huge app store market. Finally, a lot of organizations have dedicated time and employees to these kinds of developments. They have also been hiring those who are able to do it. Finally, it is honestly pretty fun to create your own apps.

So, these are some books you can use to learn android programming.

Head First Android development

  • Jonathan Simon adds this book to the head first series.
  • The book is mainly aimed for beginners or even intermediate level. It can help you land some concepts you haven’t got before.
  • It will work great if you are used to educational scenarios, and like training program kind of learning.

It parts from a starting point in which it assumes you have no android knowledge at all, which is great if you are only beginning. Another advantage is that it is very easy to read and has experiments you can easily replicate. The author uses a lot of diagrams that make it very easy to understand and follow if you are a visual learner. On the bad side, the book does assume you have Java knowledge, so if you don’t you should get on that before using this book. If you have been programming and want to learn Android, this book is great for you to begin with.

Android App Development for Dummies

  • The dummies series have taught us a lot.
  • Donn Felkner brings us this for dummies book to let us start from the very beginning. It has very simple language and overall few technical kinds of stuff.
  • The book will show you how to install the tools you need, from downloading and installing the SDK and start working with the tools.

You will also learn how to design a good interface, how to handle user input, ways to avoid common pitfalls. The app not only talks about the programming part but also about commercializing your app, to decide whether you want to charge money for it or not. The book also includes sample apps for you to inspire on. However, like all for dummies books, it stays on a very basic level, and the more you advance, the vaguer it gets. However, if you want to begin with basic understanding to further learn more, then this one is great.

Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform

  • This book is also for beginners.
  • However, it is a little abstract and might not work if you are at zero ground knowledge of Android Programming.
  • The concepts are very vaguely explained.

The book is more about coding than reading about how the Android system works. The book is very clear in its explanations, it has a base tic tac toe sample app and includes all the code you can download for it. After you are able to do this, the book gives you some basics to continue going further than the example. After that, the book will teach you how to publish and commercialize a finished product. The only problem is that you will need computer and programming knowledge since it doesn’t help you deal with debugging issues. So, if you want to further expand your basic knowledge of Android programming, this book is for you, but don’t get it if you know nothing about it. I would recommend you read one of the previous books first and then maybe complementing with this one.

Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development

  • Mark Murphy writes a book aimed for beginners and intermediate programmers.
  • However, don’t let yourself confuse a beginner in Android programming, with the beginner in programming.
  • Beginner’s in programming will have a harder time getting a grip at it, but could actually eventually learn it.

The book covers all the things you will need for Android programming. Whether you want to learn about social apps, readers, business application, schedules, among other things. The book aims to give a full understanding of the system, it covers android development as well as a programming environment in depth. The book is also detailed in code which is the best way for you to understand solutions and creating. The book might fail to further expand your app into a world class app. So, if you want to in-depth learn Android development, this book is for you as long as you are not planning on having a “Top Downloaded app”.

Professional Android

  • This is the book for the pros.
  • It is for those who are experienced in Android development and have been doing it for a while.
  • However, it will help you learn the big stuff. Android app lifecycles and UI design techniques, like building a big app for different screen sizes.

It will help you visualize your app since it includes a lot of examples of real-life apps. Anyhow, do consider this book is really in depth and assumes you know all the basics of Android Development. If you want to take it to the next level this is the book to get.

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