The 3 best Android Sdk Books

Most mobile devices are of the android version. This is because android apps are easily accessible and they can e downloaded from Google Play Store. The wide use of Android powered devices has led to the rise of many android applications. These apps are written using various programming languages and they are developed with the Android Software Development kit. The use of this android software development kit is usually a complex process that requires a lot of information and research. Many books are available that can give one the necessary information on this. 

Android studio 3.0 Development Essentials-Android 8 Edition 

  • This is a highly detailed 728-page book.
  • The author of this book, Neil Smyth, has gone an extra step to update the book to make sure that it is current with the changes that are happening around the technological world. 

This book is an updated version that targets the Android 8 and Android 3.0. With this book, one will be able to create android powered applications with much ease. The book focuses on using Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create the applications. It also uses the Android 8 sdk to explain various concepts as well as the Java programming language. With these, one will be able to create their android applications in no time. While this book particularly gives guidelines using the Java programming language, there are other editions like the Kotlin edition that uses a different programming language. 

The first few pages of the book focus on giving someone basic knowledge. This is to ensure that you are well aware of what you are doing to avoid being stuck along the way. It also helps you to understand the more complex content that may lie ahead. It begins with giving one an overview of how the android system is built, user interfaces and how one can effectively design an android application. 

This book is very well detailed and is very affordable.

Introduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials (5th Edition) (Developer’s Library)

  • The author of this book is Joseph Annuzzi, Jr. He is an individual who possesses great mastery of various Android functions.
  • He has extensive experience in technology matters and hence you can be assured that he gives the very best in this book. 
  • This book is a fifth edition and it involves content that is up to date with recent technological trends.

With this book, one is assured of being able to create fully functioning and high quality android applications in no time. This book is very comprehensive and it has all the content that you need to create any type of app. 

The book has been praised by other authors as well as various corporate leaders. Two factors make this book unique. One, it has one chapter that is entirely dedicated to teach the reader on how to use User Interface components. The other factor is that it has questions that you can answer to test whether you have understood a particular concept. This updated version of the book explains about how to work with the Android 5.1 and Android 6. Unlike other previous versions, it also covers how an app can be well designed, as well as the architecture of the Android system. 

Android Programming: Pushing the Limits 1st Edition 

  • If you are looking for a book that will unleash your inner computer engineering self, then this is the one to go for.
  • In addition, a book is suitable to those who have basic knowledge on how to build basic Android apps.
  • This book is written by Erik Hellman who is an experienced software architect. 

This book requires one to have prior knowledge of how they can navigate around the Android world. It helps to polish your skills and give you more additional knowledge on the field. With this book, one will be equipped with tips and tricks that will help them stretch their limits on designing android apps. It is also a handy book if you are not looking towards creating a simple common app. With this, you will create advanced and modern apps that will unleash your innovative self. The book can also help one to advanced their apps that they may have created previously and transform these apps from being just plain good to being very amazing apps to use. 

One selling point of this book that makes it unique is that it also teaches the reader on how they can promote their applications on Google Play Store. This will help you reach the global world.


There are multiple factors that make a good App. Making an android application can be a daunting task especially when you have no clue of how it is done. With these books however, you will be an expert in creating Android Apps in no time. They are very comprehensive books that can be used by both beginners and experts. 

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