The 3 best Android Studio Books

Android is basically the most used system in the world, from the most popular Smartphones everyone is having now, to televisions and many other devices that are very essential to human beings. The field involving android has given programmers a very big challenge to develop it because it is very wide and ideas cannot be exhausted. If you are a programmer or you are an aspiring one, you really need to be conversant about android studio for you to fit in the growing market that demands absolutely the best when it comes to development.  Many programmers have tried to develop many android related programs but failed because they don’t have knowledge about android studio, this is the reason why as a programmer you need to get equipped with this knowledge to be at the top of your game. For that reason, today I will be helping you in choosing the best android studio book that will help you to understand these concepts very well;

Android studio 3.4 development essentials., by Neil Smyth

  • The book is very extensive in its coverage of the topics involved
  • It is very affordable, when you make a comparison to the kind of content it gives.
  • It covers the concepts for the latest android version
  • It is easy to understand because it has been written in a very simple language.

This is a book that will help your get on top of your game because it gives you the techniques that will help you to develop android apps using java language. This book is very necessary for you as a programmer because there is a lot of market in android apps since the largest population in the world is using the devices that are powered by android. This book in specific helps you to create apps in android 9, the latest version of android and also in java language which is the common programming language. The book covers areas like; tool windows, layout editor and code editor among very many other areas. You will get an introduction to android and how it works in the first chapters and later advance to look at the development of applications using android studio environment.

Other areas that will be covered in this book include; android components including app navigation, data binding, room database among many other things, when you move to the advanced section, you will find concepts like touch screen handling, card views, navigation drawers, floating buttons action among other related ones. In general, this book is very extensive and it will cover everything you need to know as ear as development of android-based apps is concerned.

Android studio cookbook, by mike van Drongelen

  • The book uses a step-by-step approach which helps you understand better
  • There are very many materials that will help- you enhance your learning, some of these are ; pictures, links among others
  • It involves practical projects that will help you to understand how to apply the concepts in the real life projects.

This is a book which gives you a practical approach to the development concept that will help you to develop applications in the android system. However this book will be very beneficial to those people who have an idea in the programming l, if you are touching the computer for the very first time then this not a good one for you. This book will help you develop applications that will be compatible with any android device. It employs a step-by-step approach to explain the concepts making it easy to understand what is being communicated. This book will help you to be able to develop android application using Genymotion, you will also be able to build applications for android wearable, use memory monitoring tools to tweak performance, you will also build apps with cloud-based backend, apply the concepts of material design to your application and create applications that are related to media which will run on phones televisions and tablets.

Professional android, by Reto Meier

  • It helps in the development of the skills that works as the base for future of android complicated development projects
  • It gives a very detailed explanations and exploration of android studio which helps you to understand better the concepts involved in app development.
  • It includes project- this is very important because you will be able to create a sample application at the end of the book giving you hands-on experience in the field.
  • It is affordable in comparison to the offered content.

This is the fourth edition of this book. It is a hands-on approach book which covers the concepts of android app development with a lot of depth using very many projects to show the real working of the concepts. The book gives a highlight of the best techniques to be used to achieve the best results. The book also starts with very simple projects as it advances to the more complex ones. Professional android book will help you; to learn and understand the anatomy, the UI metaphor of android apps and the general anatomy of these apps, you will also be able to design all types of android apps for all devices, whether for phones, tablets and even for televisions., finally you will also be able to use the android framework and the Google play services.

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