The 3 best App Programming Books

In the current world, there is a very extended use of apps any many smart devices, the Smartphones we have entirely relies on the applications that are installed to perform certain functions, not forgetting the tablets and some televisions, especially the smart TVs use applications to work. All this just explain how apps are important in our working. All these devices depends on the programmers to make the apps, however, the area is too wide and within a large market while many programmers do not understand the fundamentals of app programming which is very necessary in the development of an application. As a programmer, it is necessary for you to understand the concepts of app programming for you to fit in the growing market of app development, for this reason, you need to have the best app programming book for you to learn about the concept, in this article I will be giving you a comparison of the best app programming books that will help you master this.

iOS 12 programming for beginners, by Craig Clayton

  • The book has great examples that will help you understand the concept well
  • The book is quite affordable when you compare it with the value of the content in it.
  • It is very easy to understand because the language used is very simple and the explanations are very detailed.

 This is a book for app development and programming but it is tied to ios operating system. The best thing about the ios applications is that they are not easily sharable and so many user of this operating system will opt buying the apps hence the market is very wide, this makes it the best area for you as a programmer to master. This book will help you then be able to make ios 12 apps easily. It is a very friendly book that starts from the basics in programming as it develops to more complex concepts. This is not just for beginners only; if you are an advanced programmer you can skip the introduction chapters and learn more complex chapters. In this book you will learn about swift 4.2, designs like gestures and animations, Xcode 10 among other very many features and by the end of this book you will be able to navigate panels with Xcode, you will also be able to create a playgrounds project within another project, and also use the latest Xcode assets catalogue of Xcode 10.

App secrets, by Sean Casto

  • The book improves on an existing apps making you better than any other app
  • There are a lot of examples that have been used to help you get the content better
  • The  book is easily understandable because of the in-depth elaboration of the concepts
  • It is very affordable.

 When it comes to creating applications in a very easy way even if you are just a beginner then you need to grab this book. App secrets book is meant to help you understand the fundamentals of app development. This book will help you to know how to interpret the concepts that have been used to create some wonderful apps so that you can be able to follow the same procedure and add even other more modern techniques to come up with the best application. The book employs a step-by-step approach in explaining the topics, other methods are also used. When you read this book you will learn more about what makes the app user friendly and how you can do that to make sure that the app you create is better and more user-friendly. It employs the examples of the existing and developing over them to create a more effective app which is more than the original application.

Swift, by MG Martin

  • It uses elaborate steps in expiations making it easy to understand even if you are a beginner.
  • You can use the book forever, it is not only for beginners, even after you have advanced, you will still use the book as a reference materials for your projects
  • You get hands-on experience because of the project that are available, with these projects you will be able to create your own app at the end of the book,
  • This book is quite affordable for anyone.

If you are done with creating android apps and you want to try ios apps, then this is the right book for you. It is specific on ios 8 and OSX apps using swift programming language, this book has explored content that ifs just fit for both beginners and advanced programmers, you don’t have to worry because the concepts are very well elaborated. The book is determined to give you the best experience that will help you come up with ios and OSX apps that are very competitive on the market. You will as well learn the Xcode, swift, and the building blocks of making a great app. The book uses well elaborated steps that will help you build your app easily, you will also undertake some Xcode projects to get a taste of the real life application of the concepts, you will get a good introduction to swift if you are not familiar to it and the book contains principles of swift for all the beginners, the advanced programmers and even the advanced ones are also covered.

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