The 3 best Books about Debian

The basic thing, on which the world of computers rely, is “operating system”. Operating systems are not simple, they have a library of codes behind them. The difference between some operating systems is access of on-access of source code. Windows is an operating system whose code is not accessed by everyone and no one can change the code except the owner. Linux and Unix are two operating systems which are open source and their code can be changed according to user’s demand. Debian is one of initial operating systems first founded by Ian Murdock in 1993. Debian is based on Linux kernel. One of the most popular Linux operating system is Ubuntu which is also based on Debian. There are some good books available on Debian which describes this open source system efficiently. Let’s discuss some of these books.

Learning Debian GNU/Linux

  • This informative book about Debian, Linux system is written by Bill McCarty.
  • This book is specifically written to familiarize the users with Linux operating system in simple and easy wording.
  • The Peculiar characteristic of this book is that the writer has used such terms which are also familiar to windows users.

So, windows users can also understand the Debian, Linux in words on Bill McCarty. The writer has explained everything step by step and a new user of Linux can understand it successfully. From installing of Debian, Linux system to the use of this open source system, everything is clearly defined in the book. This book comes with the CD of operating system. Actually, this book was written for the description of that CD. This book has 360 pages and it was first published in 1999. This book is also available in both new and old paperbacks. The reading capability of some reader also depends on the writer of some book, Bill McCarty is a writer who writes according to the readers perception. New paperback is slightly expensive while old paperback is cheap, so any one can order it.

Debian GNU/Linux For Dummies 

  • Debian GNU/Linux For Dummies, as the name suggests this book is best for Dummies.
  • Dummies mean for new users who cannot understand the technical languages.
  • So, the author Michael Bellomo tried to explain everything about Debian in simple language, so the newbies can understand and master the Debian well.

The reader can master the Debian and Linux system in few days by reading the book and following it right. Two CDs are available with this book so the user can install the system and then follow the book and practice it. IT tells the user, about the source code and teaches the reader, the mechanism of source code. The demo is also available with the book. The uniqueness of this book is that, Linux lovers can understand it without any instructor because the book itself is an instructor. Debian GNU/Linux For Dummies is available just in Paperback version but you can buy both the new and old books. New books are too much expensive (too much in the sense of a mediocre) while used books are available at reasonable price.

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook, Debian Wheezy from Discovery to Mastery 

  • Any topic related to Debian, which is crucial to understand this system efficiently, is covered in the book.
  • This book was written by Raphael Hertzog, and Roland Mas contributed to make this book a complete version of Debian instructor.

If anyone wants to Learn Debian and be an expert independently, this book is a chief. The Debian Administrator’s Handbook, Debian Wheezy from Discovery to Mastery was published in 2014 by Freexian Sarl. A book of 498 pages whose every page opened a new door to the learning world of Debian. Advanced topics like Selinux setup, automated installations, virtualization with Xen, Kvm or Lxc, all included in one book. The paperback version of this book is available on reasonable price, but there is not much difference in used and new paperback version of book. 

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