The 3 best Books on Atmega

The Atmega Microcontrollers have been in use now for some time. They are categorized under the AVR family and they come in very handy. This microcontroller is found in the Arduino Uno boards and it is currently gaining global attention as a very great microcontroller. There are books that contain all the information that one may need to get started on using the Atmega. 


  • This book can be used by beginners because it is very easy to read.
  • People who are experts in the use of Atmega can also use it to polish up their skills and even to learn new things that they may not previously know.
  • The book is affordable and has 280 pages of comprehensive content.

Different devices that can be categorized of being below the version 4.0 use microcontrollers to function effectively. Applications that are robotic and the Internet of Things depend heavily on microcontrollers. This hence brings the need to have a book that will help you use this microcontroller. 

One selling point of the book is that it is very comprehensive and contains content that is authentic and well researched. A reader will be able to fully understand and comprehend the architecture of this microcontroller within few minutes of reading the book. 

One advantage of this book is that it is written in the C programming language. The language is used to explain some on-chip modules of Atmega. This is to enable the reader to create related applications. Reading the book will also give you the expertise to combine the Atmega168PB with secondary devices. 

Embedded System Based on Atmega Microcontroller: Simulation, Interfacing & Projects 

  • This book is very handy for beginners.
  • This is due to the well-organized writing and the easy language used to explain concepts.

For those who are looking towards to get a beginners book to help them learn about Atmega microcontroller, then this is the perfect book for you. 

One of the major ways that this book may help a reader is that it will help analyze systems run by the microcontroller. The book is not only useful to professionals, but those students who are studying in the fields of technology can also use it. The people who are neither professionals nor students can also use it just to gain basic knowledge of this microcontroller. 

What makes this book stand out from the rest is the fact that the content is inspired by the experiences that the authors have had. They have worked in different fields and have had the chance of working with various technological devices including this Atmega. 

The chapters of this book are well divided. It begins with introducing the basic concept of Atmega microcontroller. It then goes on ahead to give you advice on other basic stuff that revolve around the device and how one can use it to achieve desired goals. 

The book is expensive but all the 404 pages of the book include content that will make the cost worth it.

The AVR Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Using Assembly and C: Using Arduino Uno and Atmel Studio 

  • This book is a second edition making sure that it is well versed with all the updated content on various technological trends.
  • This version of the book focuses on the Atmega328.

The authors of this book have put in much effort to ensure that all the content is well researched and that the book can be used by those with little knowledge on AVR microcontrollers and those who are experts. 

The book is easy to read because it is written in a very systematic way. This is to ensure that everything you read is well explained so that you are able to understand it easily. The book is written in the C programming language as well as the Assembly programming language. In the first few chapters of the book, the Assembly programming language is used o explain concepts. The other chapters are the ones who use both the C and Assembly language. 

The book is 630 pages long and it gives you external links that you can visit in case you want additional content including tutorials, source codes and other support materials. With this book, one will be assured of having all the knowledge that they seek about Atmega and how they can easily use this microcontroller. 


The Atmega Microcontroller is a device that is available for sale on many platforms. Many people however, have little knowledge of this microcontroller and about how it can be used. Many books are available for sale to explain the concept behind it. These books contain all the content that you will need. They are well researched and written in a language that everyone, from beginners to experts can understand. The authors are also authentic and have extensive experience using the microcontroller. 

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