The 3 best Bootstrap Books

Web development is a sector in computer programming that has been very popular these days because many people are getting involved with websites and more of them really need websites to run their things well. The most important thing in a website is the ability to navigate through it easily, this means the website should have a great layout, navigation bar, great display and be very compatible to many devices too, these are the key things that a programmer should keep in mind when developing a web. For you as a programmer to master these concepts, you will need to have great knowledge about a specific aspect of web development which is called bootstrap. If you are not conversant to this, you will definitely need to get yourself a bootstrap book that will give you guidance in this for you to master this. Below here is a combination of a list of books that will help you understand bootstrap easily and develop better webs.

Step by step bootstrap 3 by Riwanto Megosinarso

  • The book is very elaborate; it explains every concept in details using a step by step approach.
  • The book covers both the beginners and the advanced programmers and helps them to understand bootstrap better.
  • The book covers very many areas extensively giving you the quality when it comes to knowledge about bootstrap.

Just from the title, this is a well explained step by step book that helps you as a programmer to come up with a website that is very easy tom use and navigate through and with a great display on any device. This books targets very new beginners who have no knowledge in programming because you will not require experience in HTML, CCS or JQuery because they will be taught in depth as you go on with the book, you will also find very many examples in the book including images and screenshots that will help you to understand and follow the steps in the explanation. So in this book you are going to learn a lot, it will help you to understand how to transform a HTML page to a responsive page, you will be able to create multi-column layouts using grid system and creating a navigation bar with different menus and the first parts of the book will end by teaching you how to customize the bootstrap to your own style. When you move to the advanced part of the book, you will find components like; carousels, Affix, scrollspy, popover among many others where you will learn control these and display them on the website. If you are a beginner, you will; absolutely get a quick overview in CSS and LESS and how to compile them.

Bootstrap 4 Quick Start, By Jacob Lett

  • The book is clear and well structured to help you understand the concepts very well
  • The explanations are done in a very elaborate way and the content here is of very high quality
  • The book has very many additional resources which helps you to get a better understanding, for example videos and links
  • It is affordable.

This is a book that will help you learn bootstrap 4 and designing responsive web in a very quick way. The book helps you to understand then very new concepts which will help you in the development of a responsive web. So what will you learn here? First, you will learn how to build a web with the use of bootstrap 4, the book will also take you through the concept of a responsive website and how you can use bootstrap to develop it easily, and you will dive deep into CSS3 flexbox, cards and the responsive grid layout among other concepts. The book is focused on making projects as you learn and so at the end of the learning you will have made your own web. There are also very many resources to use which includes; hyperlinks, videos, and many other external resources.

Jump start bootstrap, by Syed Fazle Rahman

  • The book is good for its price; you will pay less and get access to great content compared to many other books of the same content.
  • The book gives very many code samples which can help you in the practice, you will also get very many other resources that will help  you understand better
  • You will get hands-on experience because this book majors on using projects to learn hence as you finish, you will have already made your web application
  • It is good for both beginners and intermediate programmers; this is because of the simple and advanced content projected.

The book is focused on helping you in the process of building web applications using bootstrap in a very easy way. The book invests deeply in hands-on experience o make sure that you are creating something faster. You will be able to learn how to integrate bootstrap into your projects, you will also learn about the basics of bootstrap template and how to use it, the book will also give you a chance to work with bootstrap’s grid and also be able to customize it to work in any project according to your style. After you are through with this, you will have the ability to successfully create web applications using bootstrap without straining.

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