The 3 best Cakephp Books

Well, if you are a programmer using PHP as your preferred programming language, you will definitely need to create app a lot more easily by using cakephp web application development framework and unit testing. With this, you can create unlimited PHP-based applications without any worry. This is the reason as a PHP programmer; it is wise that you get a cakephp cook that will help you to master this. And if you are not a PHP programmer, you should not get worried because most of these books will be teaching PHP too. Here are some of the best cakephp books that you can check out to improve your knowledge and skills;

Learn cakephp, by Radharadhhya Dasa

  • This book is quite elaborate and al the concepts are explained in details
  • You will also be able to learn basics in coding too apart from just learning cakephp
  • It is easy to understand due to the simple language used 

This is a book which will help you know how to carry out a test-driven development with fixtures, test suits, mocks, model tastes and many others that will help you to build better applications. Also in this book is intended to equip you when it comes to coding. So what will you learn in this? Well, when you read this book, you will be able to learn from the very basic concepts to the most complicated ones, these includes; defining and expanding unit testing and cakephp and how to use the two together, you will also learn the basics in coding, TDD and the development cycle approach and how to work with model, fixture controller test and many others, finally this book will also help you to know how to work with code coverage, private methods and fixtures data. This book uses a very simple language to explain all the concepts and it is loaded with example that you can follow when practicing.

Rapid application development with cakephp, by Jamie Munro

  • You will create a project at the end of the book; this makes sure that you have a hands-on experience in this field.
  • It is quite easy to understand because it has been simplified to use a very simple language
  • The book is very affordable.

This book is well structured in its content so that it can help both a beginner and an advanced web developer who wish to know more because it is up to date. First the book will ensure that you understand object oriented programming commonly known as ‘OOP’ which is very useful in whatever language you are using, which in our case is PHP. The book will ensure that at the end, you will be able to build web applications easily, whether simple ones or even complex ones. This book will be exploring very useful functionalities which are must-haves in the web designing today in the very first chapters and when it comes to the last chapters it will major into making a project out of what you have learned, you will be taken through various projects step by step right from the start to the end hence you will be sure of creating a web application with a lot of ease and faster using cakephp apace you are through with this book.

Cakephp 2 application cookbook, by James watt

  • You get step by step explanations that will help you understand better how to use cakephp to create web applications quickly.
  • This book uses the very basic language in the explanations, this is the reason it is suitable for the beginners who might not be familiar to programming terms.
  • There are very many examples and tests that you will use to try out the application of the knowledge you are gaining in the real project.
  • It is very extensive; the book has 60 recipes that are meant to help you understand each concept in depth from the start to the end.

This is a very good book that will give you an introduction to the basics of cakephp framework and how it works, it helps you master cakephp and be able to solve all problems using team member and official trainer. This book is good for a web developer and is looking to make web applications with a lot of ease and a lot faster, also for the beginners you can still benefit a lot from this. From this book, you will get a fast introduction to cakephp, you will also learn how to the framework’s model layer and events system, how to deal with HTTP requests and responses and other tasks like uploading files among others, the book will help you discover routing techniques and API strategies, you will as well get introduced to unit testing and finally this book will be helping you to maintain and migrate the database schema of an application. The book contains 60 recipes in which the book uses to build up concepts from the very basic ones to the more complex. You will get numerous examples in every recipe that will help you to enhance your understanding of cakephp framework and as a result, at the end of this book, you will have the capability of creating on your own web application very fast and easily using cakephp.

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