The 5 best Cakephp Books

Cakephp is a web framework. It uses well known software engineering concepts to help developers develop their software with basic software design patterns, using concepts like model-view-controller and active record and front controller. It is an effective software design framework which helps developers makes web applications without loss of adaptability.

Some of the books which help you learn and conquer Cakephp are given below:

Learn CakePHP:  With Unit Testing by Radharadhya Dasa

  • This book will help you learn and master the CakePHP framework and help you efficiently design and launch web applications.
  • This book is straightforward and short. It gives you all the information you need to know to get started and develop.
  • The basic thing that it teaches is unit testing and its implementation, which will lead to you writing better codes, making better applications and developing good programming habits.

The books contents comprise of the topics: what is CakePHP? It teaches you about unit testing, clean codes, test driven development, the development cycle, fixtures, model tests, and command lines. It will teach you what are TDD and the development cycles.

CakePHP 2 Application Cookbook by James Watts

  • This book introduces you to the fundamentals of diving into CakePHP framework.
  • It gives you useful tips and tricks to get yourself better at using the program for development of your web applications.
  • It is written by the official trainers of CakePHP thus you will be learning directly from the masters.

This book will teach you how to start developing quickly; it will teach you how to handle HTTP requests. It will help you discover various routing techniques and much more.

The contents of the book include: a lightening introduction, advanced routing, HTTP negotiation, API strategies, Authentication, Model layer, search and pagination, creating shells, templates and tests. It will also teach you about migration, syncing and plugins. The book has in all of sixty recipes, i.e. sixty lessons to make you the master of CakePHP.

Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional (Beginning From Novice to Professional) by David Golding

  • This book too gives you the basic knowledge and idea of what CakePHP can offer the developer.
  • It takes you step by step through the process of development and helps you with examples along the way.
  • It shows you the advanced features of CakePHP and shows you how to use them in your developing projects.

This book is meant for beginners who are tired of browsing online for tutorials to no avail. This book will teach them from the beginning till end, the basics and advanced programming and web application developing process.

The book is structured into four parts with an introduction. The contents of the book include: Developing CakePHP Applications, Advanced CakePHP, creating simple views and breaking in consoles, customizing views, working with controllers and models, implementing Ajax Fixtures, components and utilities of advanced CakePHP, and wrapping up and launching the application.

Practical CakePHP Projects (Practical Projects) by Cheryl Miller

  • This book is a friendly and communicative way to learn the features of CakePHP.
  • It is cheap and well written.

Giving you detailed practical examples and helping you get better and developing your web applications using the CakePHP platform this book will take you on a journey to make you a master.

The book explores current and future trend in the world of application development and gives you up-to-date knowledge making you skilled as a developer in today’s world.

The books content include the fundamentals of development and blogging, teaching you to create databases, structure applications, and delving into e-commerce. It teaches you to layout an online shop and shows you what the user of your application would actually want, thus making you a practical user-friendly web developer.

Instant CakePHP Starter by Mark Robert Henderson

  • This is a cheap and small book for those who cannot afford to buy an expensive book.
  • And this is also best for those who don’t have much time to read a detailed account of CakePHP and just want to get started in developing their web application.

Instant CakePHP starter will help you with exactly what the title says ‘instant start’. With this short guide you will learn new programming and developing skills in an instant. 

This book explores the tool of CakePHP and tells you how to rapidly write and develop applications. Comprised of several tutorials, engaging applications, and many layouts, this book takes you through a journey of developing in as less time as possible.

Through this book you will learn, how to install the development version of CakePHP, the use of AppFog, auto generate models, views and controllers. It will teach you how to create and update themes, pluggable versions of views and much more.

The books listed above are a great help for developers who are looking forward launching their own web applications. These books will help you learn fast and apply the knowledge faster. Comprised of real world examples, up-to-date with the times and well written, these books are great resources to learn and conquer.

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