The 3 best Citrix Books

Citrix is one of the most important things in the current world of programming and cloud computing, this is because it powers the desktop and application virtualization platforms. Citrix makes the publication of both physical and virtual desktop able and also capable to assign specific applications and contents with a lot of security just on any available device regardless of where it is. This is a very important thing to understand as an IT professional. For this reason you will need to get a citrix book which can help you get through this so that you are equipped with knowledge on your job. In this article we will be looking at various citrix books that are very essential when you want to learn more about it.

Citrix XenDesktop cookbook, third edition, by Gaspare A. Silvestri

  • The book is elaborate in the explanations, with the use of step by step approach makes sure that you understand every small detail.
  • There are tasks frequently that let you apply what you have learned in a real project helping you to understand even more.
  • The book is affordable.

This is one of the best citrix books, the book aims at helping you to understand how to make configuration, implementation and optimizing the migration from physical to VDI architecture using XenDesktop, also the book teaches you how to perform some actions on the end user device like publishing desktops and applications to make sure that there maximum security when delivering resources. With this book you will also be able to understand the architecture of XenDesktop and other components that are included which will help you tin the implementation of service-oriented architecture which has its basis on the citrix flexcast approach. So what should you expect to learn in this book? You will be able to learn quite a number of things, you will get the knowledge that will help you to be able to make an upgrade from XenDesktop 5.6 all through to 7.6 where you can successfully make a configuration and deployment of virtual machines for 7.6, and not just that, you will also learn how to publish applications which are hosted,. LAA, and those apps which are using Microsoft app-V, and finally this book among many things, will help you to successfully install citrix Netscaller Gateway 10.5 and also Citrix XenMobile 10 which are very important in improving the quality and the performance of VDI.

The approach used by this book to deliver the content is very effective; it employs a step by step explanation with very many tasks which are helpful in understanding the concepts that you learn in each chapter, you will make these practical tasks using a command- line operations.

Citrix XenServer, by Gerardus Blokdyk

  • This book contains self easement tasks that help you to assess yourself and gauge if you understand the concepts or not.
  • You will be able to get some reference projects that have already been successfully done so that you can see what should be done and improve on them.
  • The language used in the book to explain is very simple to understand making it good for even beginners.

If you want to be a god citrix XenServer domain auditor, this is the best book for you, this because this book will give you the best techniques that will help you to use very little efforts when it comes to solving problems with citrix XenServer, all the concepts that will help you understand the working of citrix XenServer better. This book have very many projects that have been successful which are used in the explanations so that you understand how to work the same or even better which will give you a lot of experience in this field. This book will contain a self-assessment excel dashboard, and many other examples which will help you to asses yourself and see if you are getting the right results in comparison with the done examples. The book covers XenServer checklists in depth, and you will also get project management checklist which will help you to assess and implement what you have learned in the book.

Troubleshooting Citrix XenApp, by Dragos Madarasan

  • The book gives a step to step guidance that helps you to understand better how to do troubleshooting.
  • You will be able to get many methods which are well explained to carry on with your troubleshooting with anyone that you prefer and so you get to choose what is effective for you.
  • This book is quite simple to understand, this is because of the simple language used in the explanations
  • It is affordable.

This book will help you as an IT professional to understand which methods you can use to troubleshoot especially when you are using XenApp 7.7 and later versions, this will help you to be able to solve any problems which are associated with XenApp infrastructure. This book is not the best for beginners, it will be much helpful to those IT professionals who are using XenApp and need to understand more about how they can troubleshoot the related problems within a very short time. You will learn the methods used for troubleshooting, how to identify problems from troubleshooting, you will be also being able to get the tips that will help you to optimize citrix deployments.

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