The 3 best Clean Code Books

Writing codes is a very sensitive in programming because there are very many functions that rely on the code to work properly and accurately. If someone wrote a bad code, it will work still which is better because it will not have adverse effects to wherever it is being used, this is even better than writing an unclean code, such kind of a code will cause some inaccurate working which will result into loss of very many resources and time too because there will be delayed productions as a result of a poorly written code. For this reason, as a good developer, you need to that the knowledge about a clean code; you will need to get a clean code book which will help you create a great code which will save a lot of resources and money. In this article, we will be giving you making a comparison of the best clean code books you can use to get your coding game up.

Clean code, by Robert C. Martin

  • The book is very elaborate in the explanations, it uses  very well described steps to explain a concept
  • It is easy to understand, the concepts used are very easy to apply including the principles and the functions in a real project.
  • There are very many tests at the end of the book that will help you to be able to apply whatever you are reading into real projects to prove it works.

This is a book that will give you a great exposure to the coding world, the book exposes a clean code in there different parts, which involves description of the practices, the patterns and the principles that are involved in writing a clean code, another part that is explored in this books is the use of real projects which mainly helps to practice the cleaning of codes, the projects start as simple and end up to the more complex as you advance with the book. The last part of this book explores the knowledge that one needs to have for them to write clean codes and also clean codes which are written inappropriately. Reading this book will help you to understand the difference between a clean code and a poorly written code and that is the first step to take when you want to write clean codes, you will also get the knowledge on how to write a clean code and also clean a bad code, you will understand the process of creating appropriate names for your codes with good functions, classes and functions. As you proceed you will be able to format a code and handle the errors without interfering with the logic of a code, finally the book will end with unit test and other practice tests to make sure you have understood. This book has a great approach of presenting the content to make sure that everyone understands, there are also very many resource materials used in the process of learning.

The clean coder, by Robert Martins

  • The book is written in a very simple language that anyone can read and understand
  • The book has a great content that teaches about professionalism hence it is very necessary for coders who want to write clean codes
  • It is very affordable.

This book is practically written for a coder giving them advice on the best coding process which includes, code estimation, code testing among very many other aspects of coding. Apart from techniques for creating a clean code, the book also touches on the personal traits of a clean coder and what is expected of them. From this book a reader will learn a few aspects which include; one is the behaviors of a true coder and how to deal with the pressure that is related within the coding process, another thing will be about time management for a coder, this is very important because it is the reason why many coders end up creating the codes poorly, they fail to handle the pressure from the employers and in turn rush to create some bad codes. You will also know how to create a programming environment for yourself.

Clean python, by Sunil Kapil

  • It is simple to understand, first there are very simple terms used which beginner can understand better without much struggling
  • It involves very many examples that will enable you to understand how a clean code is written and correcting a poorly written one
  • The book is quite affordable.

 This is coding book that will help you to understand how you can write clean codes in python which are free from errors and are very eloquent. The book will help you understand the process of formatting and documenting a code so that it can be clearly read, after you understand that, you will be given an in-depth exploration into python programming language, after you have understood the language, you will take up the next concept which involves, data types in python, path handling, type hinting and many other concepts, you will also get to know how to debug and conduct integration tests among other things. After this book, you will be equipped with knowledge that will help you to writ better and cleaner codes in python, create and asses the python dictionary among other tasks.

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