The 4 best Coding Books

Are you interested in coding? Many people often think that coding and programming is the same thing but they are wrong, coding id quite different from programming. We can say coding is like a sub set o programming, if you learned coding you will have easy time learning programming.

Differences between coding and programming

  • Coding is the process of writing and translating codes from one programming language to another while programming is the process of coming up with a program for a computer which can perform a specified task
  • Coding aims at helping to facilitate communication between human and a computer, while programming is all about writing codes that helps a person to give instructions t a computer
  • Coding is just the beginning stage of programming hence simple to deal with compared to programming which involves coding itself which has very complex procedures.

These are just but a few differences that we can explore but the thing is that, for you to understand programming you will be better off when you start with coding because writing codes is the basics of programming. For you to learn how to write and translate codes from one programming language to another you will need first to learn the programming language; here are some materials that will help you learn coding effectively without struggle;

Ruby: programming, master’s handbook: A TRUE Beginner’s Guide (byCode wellacademy)

  • Easy to understand
  • Solved practical problems
  • It covers other languages not just Ruby
  • T is very affordable

This is a supper good book for beginners written by the Code Well Academy. The book helps you to explore Ruby programming language and it explains everything is a quite simple language that a beginner can easily understand .The topics that you will come across I this book includes; explaining ruby syntax, mistakes commonly done in ruby, the ruby systems, how to create data to model a real life situation. The book starts at the very basic level hence it is easy to understand as a beginner.

This book contains problems and their solutions by giving the code samples. Another good thing about this book is that it covers the designs of other programming languages like python, Perl AJAX, swift/C, kotlin, JavaScript, visual basics and sql which make it easy to understand even if your basis is not in Ruby language.

A smatter way to learn JavaScript (by Mark Myers)

  • Very good for beginners
  • Simplest language used
  • It uses the learn-by-doing model
  • It is very cheap.

This book is written specifically for total beginners by Mark Myers. This is why it is important when you are starting out your journey in coding. It has its basis in JavaScript. The book explains step by step details using the simplest English that anyone can understand. Every step explained in this book has a small task that you can undertake to make sure you have understood what you have learned, so you basically learn through doing. The chapters of this book are broken down in very many subparts which are then explained very well for you to understand clearly, it ideals with areas like; prototypes and constructors, it also deals with the basics in coding.

Python Programming: An Introduction To Computer Science 3re Edition (by John Zelle)

  • It is easy to understand
  • It explore python which is basic for beginners
  • It covers better the concept of coding
  • It is affordable

This is John Zelle’s third edition book. This is the best beginner book since most beginners are advised to start with python language when they start off their lessons in programming. It is therefore a very book when it comes to coding because of its beginner content. The book is based on python programming language though it explores other languages because python is just a medium in coding. The book gives you hands-on experience as there are examples you can take and practice with them in your code writing. The book covers coding in a very basic way for any beginner to understand.

The Joy Of PHP: A Beginner’s Guide To Programming (by Allan Forbes)

  • It is easy to understand
  • It has covered topics extensively
  • The information covered is best for beginners.
  • The book is cheap.

The writing style of this book is quite understandable and helps you learn php in the simplest way. It has really good content and examples for each to show you how the concepts you are dealing with are applicable practically. The book however does not cover the whole content in PHP because it is concentrated to help you as a beginner to be able to understand well the concepts included hence explains things extensively. The topics covered in this book includes; introduction to HTML, basics in PHP syntax, variables, numbers ,dates and strings, control structures, and how to use a database. These topics can help you go through PHP and as a result master coding with time.

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