The 4 best Delphi Programming Books

The software, operating systems, applications that we are using are not as simple we look. They have a long source code behind them. Those who are experts, or they have some know-how of computer technology, they know that coding is a separate world. Coding is a world where there are different states and states have different towns with many streets. Source code is a part of that world of coding. There are many programming languages which are used to create different software and applications. Most of these programming languages are object oriented. C++ is an object-oriented programming language and the first version of operating systems were developed in C++. But now, there are other modern programming languages and C++ is father of all these languages based on object-oriented design. Delphi is a high-level programming language which is based on object-oriented design. Many applications are developed in Delphi. These applications have been developed for use on both systems like Windows and Linux. Behind such elite programming languages, there are some intelligent minds. Some of these intelligent minds are authors of books. Those books are very helpful for those who want to learn Delphi and other languages. There is a description of some good books which can help you to understand and get expertise in Delphi.

Delphi in Depth: FireDAC

  • Fairly new
  • Experienced author
  • Over 500 Pages

Delphi in Depth: FireDAC is a high-level book for Delphi. It is written by Cary Jensen who is known for writing almost 25 books on software development. In this book, he discussed Delphi in depth. He discussed and revised Delphi and FireDAC. FireDAC is a universal library for data access. FireDAC helps Delphi to access databases. This book is a gem for those who want to learn more than simple. Accessing databases, using filters, Array DML, cached updates, and many other sophisticated features of Delphi are explained in this book. This book is worth reading for Delphi database developers. It is one of the latest books about Delphi programming which was published in 2017. It has 556 pages. Paperback version of this book is available at reasonable price.

Introducing Delphi Programming: Theory through Practice

  • Written from multiple authors
  • Everything is explained in details
  • Over 500 pages

This book is written by John Barrow, Linda Miller, Katherine Malan and Helene Gelderblom. All these authors put their efforts to generate a book which can teach everything about Delphi. Authors wrote this book according to their sense of programming which is rare. Authors delivered this complete version of Delphi learning for students and programmers who have interest in Delphi. Everything is explained in details, a to z. One can learn Delphi step by step by following this book. There are theory chapters, and then practical activities in the book so that one can practice what he learned. The organization of chapters is good, which help the new learners to understand everything step by step. It has 544 pages. New books are expensive but old books are available on reasonable rates.

Coding in Delphi

  • Over 200 Pages
  • Great Price
  • Polish your Skills

Coding in Delphi by Nick Hodges is one of latest and good books on Delphi coding which was published in 2014. Nick Hodges himself is a good programmer who has expertise in Delphi coding. In its 242 pages, this book covers everything about Delphi coding including Generics, Exception, Interfaces, Handling, Anonymous methods, collections, ATTI, Enumerators, Attributes, and Unit Testing. It is for those who want to polish their skills in Delphi to use it in the development of new applications. This book covers many such topics about Delphi coding which have not been discussed in other books. It is easy to read a short book which covers every topic. This book is a gem which is available on very cheap rate. 

Delphi Cookbook: Recipes to master Delphi for IoT integrations, cross-platform, mobile and server-side developmen

  • Practical Approach
  • Over 600 Pages
  • All new things from Delphi are included

Delphi Cookbook, don’t be confused by the name. It is not a cooking recipe book, it is a Delphi recipe book. The authors of this book are Daniele Teti and Daniele Spinetti. This is a practical approach to practice different Delphi codes. This book helps to learn quick and develop real-world applications. Reading the book is not enough, practice makes a man perfect. Different cross-platform application designs have been discussed in the book. This is the latest version of book. Previous version was published in 2016, and this version came in 2018. The author of this book is a software architect and he discussed many new things in the book. By understanding this book, one can master the Delphi coding and get expertise in application development. This page is available in paperback form in reasonable price.

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