The 3 best Docker Books

There is a very great importance for you as a programmer to learn docker because it helps a lot when it comes to containerizing your applications and be able to run them in production, to master this, you need to find a docker book that is extensive in its coverage which will help you understand every concept in the docker system, to help you on this, I have produces a list of the very best docker books that will help you internalize the concept to be a very competitive developer.

Learn docker- fundamentals of docker, by Gabriel N. Schenker

  • This book is very extensive in the explanations, it won’t be difficult to understand 
  • It is very affordable.
  • It has very many illustrations and examples that arte used in every chapter covered which reinforces your understanding of the concepts.

If you want to get a clear understanding on the concepts of docker from basics to the advanced ones, then this is the book for you. You will get in touch with concepts like; docker containers, orchestrators, docker images among very many concepts, and you will as well learn containerization tool and many others. This books as always starts with helping you to understand the basics of making a good environment which will help you get deeper into the concepts of containers, docker images and other concepts, however as you advance to the following chapters of the book you will meet more complex concepts like orchestration, networking and also security not forgetting functionalities in docker on public clouds. What you will learn in this book includes; how to containerize applications, also how you can share applications as container image, this book will help you also learn about, building  and run applications using docker swarm, securing the applications with networks, secrets and encapsulation. The topics covered include; definition of containers and how to use them, setting a working environment, working with containers, creating and managing containers, data volumes and systems, single-host networking, docker compose, orchestrators, docker swarm, kubernetes, running centralized app using kubernetes.

The docker book, by James Turnbull

  • It includes very many relevant examples which are very helpful in understanding each chapter
  • It employs a step by step explanation that explains the concepts very well.
  • It is affordable.

This is one of the best docker books because of its wide range in the coverage, it helps you go through concepts like installation, deploying, extending and managing docker. However the first thing the book does is to do an introduction on the basics of dealing with docker and the components that are involved. After all this, the book will now take you through the use of the docker in the building containers which helps in performing different tasks. After the introduction part the book takes you deeper into development of a cycle which involves steps from testing throughout to the production. This book will also help you understand then integration of docker with the continuous integration workflow and finally it will help you to build application services, the book will finally help you to understand how you can use API in docker to make an extension by yourself. In this book you will learn how to; install docker, build docker images, manage them and share them too, you will also learn how you can deploy, run and manage docker containers in the process of testing, other concept that this book will teach you include; orchestration and how to use the swarm and finally explore the docker API among other things. 

Docker by Sean P. Kane

  • The step by step approach used in the explanation of the concepts in this book is very good in helping the reader to understand better and apply the concepts.
  • There is the use of well explained examples that you can use in your reading and also try them on your own to confirm that the concepts work.
  • It has practical tests that you can try out to see your level of understanding of the concepts that have been communicated 
  • The book is quite affordable comparing it with other books of the same concepts.

This is a good book for all those people who are already in the docking environments. The book explores very much content from the building, testing, deployment and debugging the docker applications. As the book develops, it will cover more complex concepts like orchestration tools, docker swarm mode, kubernetes, and AWS fargate among others. The book has quite a number of examples and more deeper exploration those previous versions. In this book you will learn how to work with docker images and command line plus the containers, you will also be able to debug containers and also deploying them at scale inside cloud environment or data centre. When you study this book you will be able use the practical techniques in the deployment and the testing of docker containers during production process, you will also learn how docker makes it simple for the deployment workflow and dependency management among very many other things. The book has a very good approach which is used in the explanations making it very elaborate and extensive in the coverage of the topics, the step by step explanation helps very much in the understanding of the concepts.

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