The 3 best Elixir Programming Books

When it comes to programming, it is not possible to work with a programming language because it is the only thing that you can use to communicate with a computer. There are very many programming languages that you can choose from to help you in your programming journey, you can as well learn all of them if you have the capability. One of the very effective but uncommon languages is elixir, this language is not mostly learned or used bay very many people, however, and it can even be more effective and easier than many of the languages that most people learn. As a programmer or developer it is very important that you get to know that language because it can help you in very much when solving problems of scalability. For you to master this, you need to get a elixir programming book that will give you the best of content, for that reason we will today go through some of the best elixir programming books .

Programming Elixir, by  Dave Thomas

  • There are spread examples across the chapters of the book  that you can take to confirm if you are understanding the concepts or not
  • There are very many examples that you can follow in this book because you cannot master this language without following what has been done.
  • The book is affordable.

This book will give you an introduction to elixir for programmers, this will help you to be able to write programs and build applications very easy without straining, and it will explore elixir in a very extensive way. This book will help you get the programming techniques that will help you in the management of concurrent systems and as a result maximizing the uptime, it also will help you in the management of security and many more things. This book will be covering this content in three parts; the first part will cover the fundamentals of writing sequential elixir programs, this will mostly cover the language in fool including the tools and all the conventions, for the second part, the book will be covering; the way you can use the skills you have learned in the first part to write concurrent codes for the applications on your machine on your network whether you have OTP or not, after this we move to the third part of the book which is the last one, this section will explore the advanced features of the elixir language which includes generation of codes and extension of the syntax, other complex concepts include structuring of OTP applications, code formatter, protocols and distillery among others.

Introducing elixir, by Simon St. Laurent

  • This book is equipped with vary many examples which are very helpful, there are written codes and programs which you can use to practice by duplicating them to see if you can come up with the same results.
  • The book uses a very details step by step explanations which makes it easier to understand even if it is for beginners
  • This book has a very fair cost when it comes to buying considering the content.

This is the book that will help you master functional programming with elixir then this book is good for you. In this book you will be able to learn how to write elixir programs in a very simple way through covering the content bit by bit. This book will help you to know how to go around the IEx, which is the command line interface for elixir language and the basic structures by working with the numbers; you will also be able to create the processes in elixir and be able to send messages through those processes. And not just that, you will as well be able to create apps using the open telecom platform, these are just some of the things you will be able to do but there are very many others.

Learn functional programming withy elixir, by Ulisses Almeide

  • The book is very extensive, it covers the concepts in seven chapters which are well explained to enhance better understanding
  • It is easy to read , it is because the language used is very simple and understandable
  • The book is very affordable when it comes to buying.

This book is meant for beginners specifically, though it can be as well of much importance to the advanced programmers too, however, if you have any knowledge in the programming it will be an added advantage for you because you will understand the concept easily. The book covers the content here in seven chapters, the very first chapter deals with; introduction of the main concepts of the program which will help making good software, the second chapter, you will learn the best way to work variables of the language and the important functions, this is where you starting learning the basics of the language, the third chapter is all about controlling pattern flow using the patterns matching, you will as well learn to create a conditional code using then conditional functions, in chapter four, you will learn how to recursive functions, the fifth chapter is all about creating functions that hide complex codes  and also high-order functions and the final chapter will be all about dealing with functions that are impure and many other concepts.

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