The 2 best ESP32 Books

ESP32 is a microchip introduced lately has taken the centre stage in the programming world; this microcontroller has integrated Wi-Fi and BLE which is very common network stack in the internet application. It is quite necessary for you as a programmer to understand fully how to go around this new hardware. To do this you will need some materials that can guide you through it, here are the best books that will help you understand the device better.

Internet  of things project with ESP32:

  • The book is affordable
  • It has examples which are explained well.
  • The author uses a step-by-step approach in explaining the concept 
  • It is easy to understand , it can accommodate even the beginners

This is a very important book for you as a programmer because it has some key features that will help you be able to create and also program internet of things projects in a very easy way using the Espresssif ESP32. This book gives you a step-by-step guide from the very basic to advanced IoT concepts with ESP32. It will help you understand the new ESP32 boards that will enable you to build the best projects in internet things, you will also know how to configure this microchip to cloud technologies and find the best modules that will you will use in IoT projects. 

After you are done with this book, you will be able to understand how to come up with a sensor monitoring logger, for instance you can now successfully come up with temperature sensor and humidity sensor using ESP32 in a weather station, you will also be able to build your own Wi-Fi wardriving and understand how to connect ESP32 and mobile applications. If you want to build a great project using ESP32 the n this is the right book for you. It is also very much affordable to purchase.

The book will cover the following areas;  getting started with ESP32, making visual data and animation on LCD , building a sample game embedded, making sensor monitor logger, controlling IoT device over internet, build IoT weather station, making own Wi-Fi wardriving, build own Wi-Fi cam, making IoT devices interact with mobile applications and building IoT monitoring with cloud technology

The author of this book is Agus Kurniawan, he is a lecturer and a consultant in IT, and he has been involved in various software and hardware developments projects for very many years. He has been winning the Microsoft Valuable Professionals award for the last 14 years consecutively; all this explains why he writes the books with a lot of experience.

The official ESP32 book

  • It is simple to understand– this book has been explained in details, the author uses a step-by-step approach to describe all the topics making it good for all the beginners, intermediate and even advanced learners.
  • It includes sample projects- there are sample projects which are arranged from the simplest to the more complex as you go on with the book. These projects will give you hands on experience in coming up with your projects.
  • This book covers a wide range of topics which are extensively discussed by the author with examples in each that supports your understanding.

This book is very important to you as a programmer; it gives you detailed introduction to ESP32 processor and also gives you a very good description on the hardware and the software of this microchip. Te book targets at teaching you on how to use the hardware and the software of this device when coming up with practical projects using an ESP32 development board. This book will help you even if you know nothing about the chip. The book has very many example projects given from the simplest ones top the most complex, you can easily follow the projects to master the concept, these projects are based on the ESP32 DevkitC development and their level of difficulty will increase as you continue to read the book because every project is a development to the previous one.

The topics in this book are covered extensively with clear exampled and step-by-step descriptions that will help you understand even better. The topics in this book will cover things like; HTTP GET requests, socket library, UDP programs, TCP/IP programs, how to send temperature and humidity of the cloud, remote web based control, remote control using mobile among very many sub topics in the book. This book is a bit pricy but the content is worth it.

The author of this book is Dogan Ibrahim, he is an experienced author with over 60 books published which deals with mostly computer engineering. This is the reason this book has the best content with a more professional approach.

These books will give you all you need to understand about ESP32 and how to be able to use this device effectively as a programmer; they will give you hands on experience from the included sample projects.

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