The 3 best Go Programming Books

There are very many programming languages that help you as a programmer to communicate with the computer, when learning program, everyone wants to go for the common programming languages, and however, there are other programming languages away from those common ones which plays a very big role in programming. One of these languages is go programming language; this is a very important language because it helps in making those very complex and scalable applications when other languages cannot. As a programmer, you will always want to build those complex programs which no one else can build, well, to achieve this you need to master go programming language, this is the reason you need to find yourself a go programming  book which will equip you with necessary skills to develop applications which are scalable. Here are some of the essential books you will need to achieve your target.

Learning go programming, by Vladimir Vivien

  • It has loads of examples that will help you understand go programming language well
  • It gives the best hands-on experience that will help you write your own programs.
  • The book is affordable.

This is a book that will take you through various steps in understandings go programming right from the basics to more, complex concepts. The book is loaded with very many examples that will help you get familiar with go language within a very short time. In the very first chapters of the book, you will be dealing with the fundamentals in this language band as you move to next chapters you will start covering more detailed concepts which includes program structures, data types, and maps among other concepts. In the whole course of this book you will learn more about; installing and configuring the go environment that will help you get started with writing of your programs, after this you will learn how to use the very basic elements of go programming language which includes; constants, variables and structures of a code among other elements. The book will also help you gain the knowledge about using the interface types and embedding techniques to be able to create e some programs which are based on idiomatic and object-oriented, write codes which have been fully tested using a built in test tool in go and also develop workable functions, finally you will be able to implement channels, goroutine and other primitive top write very safe go codes.

The covered topics in this book includes; introduction to go, the essentials in go language, Control flow, data types, go functions, composite types, concurrency, code testing, packages and programs among very many others.

Get programming with go, by Nathan Youngman

  • It is easier to understand, this is because it has a lot of examples in every unit that will. Help you get the content right in every unit.
  • The writing style of this books is great, every unit is arranged very well with good explanations that are very detailed and 
  • This book uses the simplest language with no jargons making it easy for the beginners to understand.

This is a great book that gives you a nice introduction to go programming language with a very simple language that has no jargons that will confuse you, and that is the reason why it is suitable for both the beginners and the advanced programmers, you will get hands-on experience that will give you a good foundation for future development in programming. The book will help you to learn the basic basics in the go language which includes; interface pointers and concurrency among others. 

Some of the topics that are covered in this book include; imperatives like loops and branches, variable scope among others, in the next unit you will be dealing with data types like; real numbers, big numbers, whole numbers among others, in the third unit you will cover; building blocks which are; methods, functions among others, you will also cover other units which are; collections, state and behavior, down the gopher hole and concurrent programming. This book is loaded with a lot of examples which will help you to understand faster as you read on your own.

Go In Practice, By Matt Butcher

  • There is use of very many examples which are very specific to the topics which gives you confidence and experience
  • The book is very extensive in the content coverage; it covers very many topics which have been elaborated very well.
  • The language used in writing this book is very simple and easy to understand hence best for beginners who don’t have any programming knowledge.

This book has a very great approach to the content being discussed which involves analyzing the problem, giving a solution and following up with the discussing of the solution which helps in the understanding. This book will help you to learn about the techniques that are used in the building of the website services, you will also be equipped with the knowledge that will help you top test, debug and route network applications and many more things. When you are done with this book you will be able to come up with go applications. This book contains specific practical and many other examples. The covered topics include; background and fundamentals, applications, interface for an application, and taking the application to the interface.

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