The 3 best Joomla Books

There is a great demand in websites in the current hi-tech world, every company business and even individuals needs websites, this makes website building a very lucrative job, however, you cannot manage to do this if you are not equips with the knowledge. One of the best tools that can help you built and maintain a website with a lot of ease and very fast too is Joomla, using this tool is very easy if you have knowledge about how it works, for that reason you need to grab a Joomla book that will equip you in this field, so which book is the best for you? Well, I will be taking you though a list of the best Joomla books that are very essential in learning Joomla.

Joomla! 3 Beginner’s Guide ,Second Edition, by Eric Tiggeler

  • It is the best for beginners and advanced users too because it is detailed in its explanations.
  • It is quickly understood because of the easy to understand language used 
  • It is very affordable when it comes to buying.

This book is best for those people who wish to understand how to build a website in a very easy and quick way. Reading this book will help you gain knowledge that will help you to build and maintain a website very first and without using a lot of effort using Joomla content management system, you will learn all the skills that is used in building a website. The best part of this book is the projects, you will be able to follow the steps that are given to use ,Joomla in creating your own website which is full with all the required things, this makes sure that you are getting enough experience at the end of this book. You will learn how to create a website which has all the features and that can be expanded, maintained and customized by the users, an through this book also you will learn how you can use the templates on your website and customize them to include everything that is yours and finally the book will teach you how you can extend the capabilities of Joomla so that you can find and install some extensions that are very necessary to achieve your purpose.

Joomla 3 explained, by Stephen Burge

  • There are very many additional materials that are used in the learning process, these includes; online documentations and videos among others
  • There is hands-on learning, you will be able to build a complete site using Joomla 3
  • Simple English used and step by step instructions, the language is easy to understand and the instructions quite simple to follow and understand.
  • The book is up to date; it is the newest version with the content that is up to date.

Joomla is the most relied on tool to create websites for you; this book gives the best knowledge you need to be able to build a website using Joomla, just with step by step instructions you will be able to do all this, there are also other resources you can get reference from like video links and many others. You will be able to master how to use Joomla in this book using case study, simple explanations analogies among very many other methods of learning. First, you will go through installing  Joomla 3 , you will then plan a site that you feel can be managed easily and fill in the content, you will then learn how to incorporate the features and finally you will also get the knowledge that will, help you to run the site efficiently. 

The covered topics in this book include; introduction to Joomla, planning on Joomla, installation, sites, Joomla content, content editing, Joomla fields, Joomla menus, Components, modules, plugins, adding of extensions, templates, users and site management

Using Joomla! By Ron Severdia

  • The books explores the use of detailed instructions that are given in a step by step approach
  • The language used in the passing if the information is very simple, there are no jargon used which can give you a problem with understanding
  • There is a hands-on learning where website building is started at the begging of the book and it goes through the end of the book.

This is one guide book that is here to help you create a very powerful website even if you are not familiar to coding, just with the use of Joomla you will be able to do this, and the book will give you detailed instructions. So what will you learn in this book? Well, this book will help you learn how to build a website as you go step by step throughout the book with the use of Joomla. You will as well learn how to plan and structure the categories modules, menus, articles and categories on your site, also add some images and make an image gallery, the book will also equip you with knowledge that will help you in building a blog and setting up events calendar and customize it too, finally this book will make sure that you know hoe w to sell merchandise by putting together all the stores that you are owning online. At the end of this book, you will be able to successfully create your own website using Joomla without struggling.

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