The 3 best jQuery Books

There are quite a number of programming languages which are used to write programs, however these languages have some specific tasks that not every language can do but them, for instance, jQuery is used in the creation of widgets, there is a lot of importance when it comes to designing of widgets and this is the reason why as a programmer you should be familiar with this programming language. To master this language, you need to find a jQuery book that will help you to understand the concept of widget designing. In this article, I will be giving you a list of the best jQuery books that will help you master the language.

jQuery UI cookbook, by Adam Boduch

  • It is very detailed and easy to read, this is because of the step by step approach used in there explanations of the best concepts.
  • It is easy to understand; very simple English is used in the explanation of the concepts making it even suitable for beginners.
  • It is very affordable

This is a cookbook that will provide you with the best recipes that will help you to design widgets in a very easy way, you will also get information from this book that will help you know how you can address the limitations that that can have an impact on the development of your widget, you will also understand what the framework is composed of and the relationship between widgets in the framework. In this book, you will be able to learn how to build a widget bay the use of a widget factory, extend widgets to give out whatever your application is missing, the cookbook will as well help you to understand the details about the configurations of different widgets which are not found in jQuery UI documentation, understand the best codes that works with jQuery, finally this book will help you understand the work of the every widget in an app and how the widgets helps in creating the best experience. The book has a very good approach in the content delivery, the instructions given are very clear and they follow a step by step format to deliver the point,

jQuery cookbook, by Cody Lindley

  • this book is very extensive, it covers very many topics, there are very many recipes that help explain the concepts better
  • There is a hands-on experience employed in this book, you will get the best experience when you are done either this book because you will be able to make a widget at the end.
  • This book is very affordable; the price of the book is fair when compared to the actual value of the book.

This book is going to take you through the basics of jQuery in the very first chapters and later it ill develops in the consecutive chapters to more complex concepts. This book will help- you in solving the problems that involves; dimensions, themes, forms, user interface elements and effects, it will help you in learning how to position elements on the page and how to later reposition them, another thing that this book will help you to learn is to optimize the code so that you can get rid of bottleneck and also make sure that there is peak performance. Finally, you will learn how you can easily test your jQuery applications

A smatter way to learn jQuery, by Mark Myers

  • The book is equipped with a lot of examples; the examples play a very big role when it comes to understanding of concepts.
  • This book uses a very easy to understand establish without jargons that will help you to understand very well even if you are a total beginner
  • The book is very affordable.

This book gives you a chance to learn jQuery within a very short time and very easily, there are quite a number of concepts that this book covers. In this book you will find chapters that are very well planned and elaborated making it easy to read the book, the language used is very friendly, there are no jargons used that might be very confusing especially to a beginner who might not have any knowledge in programming  hence the book is very convenient. In this book, you will also be able to access free examples in coding that will help you to master coding by following them, there are also very many illustrations, you will also find some re-do exercises, these kind of exercises are the ones you can do several times until you get them right, they are very important in giving the experience. With this book every chapter builds to another chapter making it very effective and easy to understand consecutive topics. At the end of this book, you will be able to successfully design any widget in the framework using jQuery.


Programming is a very significant sector in the current days, this is there reason it is very important for you as a programmer to understand every aspect of programming for you to fit in the fast changing technology. There is a lot of importance for you as a programmer to understand jQuery for you to be able to understand how to design any kind of widgets in a framework which are very important when it comes to applications.

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