The 4 best Machine Learning Books

Machine learning is an important subset of artificial intelligence or AI. This system gives programs the ability to learn and improve by themselves to do certain tasks without having to be explicitly programmed to do so. This system is being commonly used to crunch up huge loads of data and learning using those data. These applications build up a mathematical model or algorithm using the data we provide, then these applications will be able to perform tasks and predictions without us needed to code for them explicitly. This system is right now being used a lot in data mining, the process of analyzing huge loads of data to gain an insightful conclusion. Machine learning is right now being used for many applications and you must learn it so that you can be updated for the future. Below is a list of books that can effectively teach you machine learning. These books will ensure that you have a good grasp of the basics of machine learning without demanding too much knowledge on your part.

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems

  • This best selling book on machine learning is brought to us by Aurélien Géron.
  • Aurélien Géron led the Youtube video classification team for three years, this is proof of his expertise in the field.
  • This book is for the utter beginners in machine learning.

It will teach you the concepts, tools, and the intuitions you will need to develop programs that can learn from just data. This book does not waste your time in having you make simple toy versions of programs in Python, it rather uses Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow so that you will have all the tools in your arsenal to make an industry-grade algorithm with the least effort. This book needs you to know how to program with Python and you must have some knowledge about the various major libraries in Python like Matplotlib, Pandas, and NumPy. If you want to understand the theories and mathematical concepts behind machine learning, you must also have a basic understanding of probabilities, statistics, calculus, and linear algebra. This book is one of the cheapest and best selling books on this topic.

The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book

  • This book is written by Andriy Burkov
  • This book has seen much praise from many heads of machine learning in major organizations like Sujeet Varakhedi, Chao Han, Karolis Urbonas, and Deepak Agarwal.
  • This book is just a hundred pages long and you could very well finish it in just one sitting.

Even though it is short it covers all the major machine learning methods, from the basic linear models all the way to deep learning and random forests. This book also has an innovative companion book wiki, which will let you will be able to get further insight into any method that intrigues you. This book does not demand a high level of knowledge of mathematics and programming for you. This makes the book ideal for beginners who are willing to invest time on this subject. This book is one best book if you want to learn the concepts of machine learning without needing a sample code. This book is very cheap and you should easily be able to afford it.

Machine Learning: The Absolute Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn and Understand Machine Learning From Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, To Expert Concepts

  • This book is brought to us by Steven Samelson.
  • This book will show you the various models, techniques, and algorithms that machine learning consists of.
  • This book has a lot of visual aids and has clear instructions that make it easy to follow.

You will be able to finish this book in one afternoon if you are interested enough. This book is primarily meant for undergraduate students, but could also be used by analysts who are just beginning their careers. The only issue with this book is their explanation of higher level topics using machine learning terms that were not described in the book before, thus the book presumes that you have some knowledge of machine learning. This book is one of the cheapest books on the topic and will help you build a solid understanding of the basics of machine learning.

Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners: A Plain English Introduction (Machine Learning For Beginners)

  • This book by Oliver Theobald is meant for the absolute beginner.
  • This book will explain to you the statistical concepts and practical components of machine learning using clear explanations and visual examples.

This book is written in simple English so that the general audience can understand it, it also does not require coding experience as aid is provided to help people understand the codes given in the book. This book will be your first step towards mastery of machine learning as it provides the much needed theoretical basics that one needs to understand the complex machine learning architectures. This cheap book is the first of a series of seven books that teach about machine learning for beginners in Tableau. This book will be a suitable alternative for someone who doesn’t want to waste time and money buying a very large textbook.

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