The 3 best Network Security Books

We are in an information age now where information is the greatest weapon, what makes it very challenging is that, in the current days a lot of information is stored on computer networks because every sector is using cloud computing and so no information is stored on the hard drives anymore and this is what makes it more dangerous, this is due to the rise of many intruders who try to bypass the system so that they can access the information illegally, this is why every computer system or network will need to have security around it like a firewall that hinters the hackers from entry. As a programmer this is the real chance to be able to get solutions for the a company, for this reason you will need to be equipped with knowledge about system security for you to be able to solve such problems, you can check out network security book to get the information. If you are confused about which book to choose, then you are in the right, place because we will be going through the best network security books that will help you master this concept.

Defensive secutity handbook, by Lee Brotherstone

  • It gives the best content to build on as far as defensive security is concerned
  • The book explains the content in the best way; this is because there is the use of the step by step explanation which helps you understand concepts better.
  • It has very many examples and models you can use to test if you are doing the right thing 

This book is very important; it will help you improve the security of a system with very little effort so that you can be able to prevent situations like data leaks, hacks, ransom attacks and ransom attacks among other kind of intrusions. The book gives you the steps, processed and tools that will help you to improve the security of a system with very little cost. The book covers the concepts in chapters where every chapter provides a step by step explanation that will help you to understand how you can solve security issues in a computer network like breaches, password management, scanning the vulnerabilities, penetration testing and many other network security related issues. This book will help you learn, the basics involving the starting of an information security program, you will also be able to learn how you can plan and design response in case of an incident of security breach, the book will take you through some of the vulnerability management tools and processes, also you will learn how you can develop a code which can help in the reduction of exploitable errors and finally  the basics of penetration testing concepts through purple teaming, these are just a few sections, there are still many sub-sections tat will be covered in this book.

The practice of network security monitoring, by Richard Bejtlich

  • It is good for all levels, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced programmer, and you can still read and understand the book.
  • The book includes a good number of examples that will help you in the understanding  of the concepts better
  • It uses a very simple language which can be understood by anyone.

This book is based on the use of network security monitoring to give you extra security by creating a layer of protection around your network, this book is very simple to understand and very elaborate hence it  doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge to understand it making it suitable for even beginners. The book helps you as a programmer to build network security monitoring operation, deploy it and run it within the use of open source software and other tools. As you study this book you will be able to learn;  how to make a deployment of a stand-alone network security monitoring operation, you will also gain the knowledge on how to determine the correct time to deploy network security monitoring platforms, use command line and graphical packets analysis tool and also network security monitoring consoles and also integration of the threat intelligence into network security monitoring software to identify those complicated adversaries.

Python penetration testing cookbook, by Rejah Rehim

  • It is covers a wide range of information through many chapters that are covered elaborately
  • This book has very many examples that have been given in every chapter to help you understand better, you can use the examples to master the concepts
  • There are practical examples for testing the web sites penetration vulnerability making it very practical because a person gets a hands-on experience.
  • It is very affordable when it comes to the price.

This is a book that has been written for the python users to help them use the tools and the codes in python to attach k a network system to test its vulnerability to threats from external factors. As you read this book you will be able to learn how to configure python in different environment s, also be able to locate an IP address from a website using beautifulsoup and scrappy, you will also learn how to incorporate different networks and packet sniffing techniques using raw socket and scrappy. You will as well understand a variety of packet sniffing script to sniff network packets.

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