The 2 best Network Security Books

In the current world with our technological advancement, it can be a very difficult job to keep your computer network secured. You will need to have extensive knowledge about network security to do this. Attackers, mostly hackers have become more sophisticated to handle and quite dangerous. Network threats are really changing faster and going deeper, as a tech, you need to get the best knowledge to be able to control and keep these threats at bar for you to keep your job if you are employed to do so. Here are some of the best books that will guide you in creating a security plan that will help you to deploy, configure, operate and trouble shoot any security issues.

Cisco Firewall Fundamentals

  • The book is easy to follow-it gives a very detailed explanation in the simplest language possible with well laid down examples that will help you understand more.
  • More than 50 diagrams– the book has network diagram to help you understand well, it doesn’t just give you the theory without something that you can see.
  • No fluff or redundant information– everything written in this book is of value, there s no irrelevant additional information that may deviate you.
  • Affordable– the book is quite affordable in regards to the information it contains.

This is an update from the previous version of this book. The most important part that has been updated in this particular version is the numerous examples that are given for each concept, there is also a step-by-step approach when it comes to configuring the tutorials and the most important is the diagrams which are included to aid in explanation.

This book covers the topics that are encountered in the real world network and the real threats that are facing the network and how to come up with a firewall to counter them, some of the covered topics include; introduction to Cisco ASA Firewalls which include the user interface, access modes, password recovery and software updates, the next topic will be the basic firewall configuration, configuring network address translation (NAT), configuring DMZ networks, configuring and using access control lists, configuring VLAN and sub interface, configuration of threat detection, advanced features of device configuration and very many other topics which are covered at length.

The author Harris Andrea is a very senior engineer who has been working with the best internet service providers for very many years. He has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He has earned more than one Cisco certifications. Harris has a unique way and approach to system security which gives you the best knowledge that will help you to be always a step ahead of the attacker. 

This book is very affordable and it will give you the best out if your cash.

Cisco Nest-Generation Security Solutions

  • The book has well elaborated examples that will help you to understand better, it is even good top study for your exams because of the high quality content
  • It covers very many topics extensively
  • The book is quite affordable
  • The book includes screenshots included which gives you a real guide to hat you are doing.

This book equips you with the best knowledge to be able to identify control and anticipate the threats that may arise against your system tomorrow; it also gives you a guide on how to deal with the present security threats. The author of this book covers areas like, Cisco ASA with Firepower, Cisco firepower defense, Cisco security appliance, integrated advanced malware protection and many others, you will get all you need to be able to successfully configure and apply the skills to keep you system secure.

From the topics that are covered in this book, at the end you will be able to; deal with any kind of security threats to your system; you also will be able to design a Cisco firepower defense solution without much struggle. The book will help you to master the setting up, configuring and troubleshooting the Cisco firepower threat defense to be able to defend your system. The topics that are covered will also equip you with knowledge that will help you in installing the AMP private cloud successfully and to implement it for content security. A very important thing that you will learn from this book is to be able to manage next-generation security devices with firepower management center and also plan, implement and configure Cisco next-generation IPS. On the overall, after reading this book you will be able to identify the root cause of a security problem instantly and be able to deal with it accordingly.

The author of this book, Omar Santos, has been working as an expert in cyber security for very many years in this job he has taken a lot of time designing implementing and supporting security networks. The author has a special way of explaining concepts in this book right from the experience he has in this field.

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