The 3 best Programming Books for Basic

Computer programming is one of the areas that are very essential in the current hi-tech world. Almost everything now is getting automated and that is because there was a program written that is enabling the activities, there are every many companies and industries that need programmers to write programs that will help them run their machines without having any problems. This is there reason why there is a demand in the programmers in the whole world. 

The best thing about programming is that you can learn it by yourself, you don’t necessarily need to go to school and learn, and this is only possible if you have the relevant learning materials that will help you master programming. To know programming better you will also need to understand programming languages which are very essential in programming because the computer does not take instruction from any other language except the programming languages. To help you master programming or start off of you are a beginner, you will need a basic programming book, for this reason, today I will be giving you a comparison of the best books for programming. 

Programming: computer programming for beginners, by Joseph Connor

  • The book covers three different programming languages which will help you to deal with programming confidently
  • This book is very easy to understand, you won’t struggle to understand it.
  • It is very affordable.

This is a programming book that covers the most common there programming languages, theses are; Java, SQL and C++, with these languages , you will be able to learn the basic and advanced coding skills that will help you to maneuver through programming with a lot of ease. This book is very helpful, not just to the beginners but also to those people who have been dealing with different programming languages. With this book you can expect to learn about the basic concept of programming and the languages that will be covered, you will also understand how you can set up a, programming environment on your computer so that you can start the process of programming. You will get the definition of the basic syntax used in programming and how to apply them, not forgetting the functions and. In then advanced section you will, get the chance to dive dipper into the three programming languages and the fundamental tips for programmers.

The self-taught programmer, by Corry Althof

  • It is cheap,
  • It has very many resources which include pictures to help you understand better.
  • It is extensively converge

Just like we said before, to master programming you might not need to go to class for it, you just need to get a good book to guide you through it, the self-taught programmer book is the book you need to help you go through this. It will help you learn how to program and coding from the very basics up to the more advanced concepts, this book uses the famous python language to help you understand how to write programs. This book is divided into five different sections which will help you to asses yourself if you are understand, the very first section will be dealing with learning to write programs in python 3 programming language and build a project just before you move to the next, the second section will help you to learn objective oriented programming and at the end come up with a python program ,the third sections will let you learn how to use some tools like databases, the  Git Regular expressions and the Bash and then you will use a very new coding experience to come up with a web scraper, the fourth thing is that you will explore the fundamentals which include algorithms and data structure and the final section you will get the tips that will enable you to work with a team among many other things.

Computer programming for beginners, by Cooper Alvin

  • It is very easy to understand, this book uses a step by step approach in the explanations making it easy even for a total beginner tom understand.
  • It explores many languages- the book covers more than five languages making it very good even to the advanced users who are not conversant with those languages.
  • The language used is very simple, with very minimal scientific approach any one can understand even if they have just learned English.
  • The book is quite affordable compared to other books in the same category.

If you are a beginner and you want to start off with this book, the book is very simple to follow because it explains everything step by step. It is good for beginners; however, even advanced programmers can find it very helpful because it might be covering different programming languages that you have not covered yet. It covers some areas like; basics in programming, programming environment, JavaScript, C, C#, C++, SQL, Java and many other concepts. The best thing about this book is that it covers programming in more than five languages making it very suitable for those who are not conversant to these languages and beginners too, if you are a beginner, you don’t necessarily need to have had knowledge in programming for you to do this, however, if you had some basic knowledge about computers, it would be a very great advantage to you. 

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