The 4 best Blockchain Books

Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Present and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • This book explains in details bitcoin and the blockchains
  • Private Blockchains, cryptocurrency regulation, and policy
  • Includes the future of decentralized technology

According to some experts, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are a scam. Some other experts consider these the most important inventions since the internet. Therefore, it is very difficult to say who is right. However, this book is the most incredible source that explains blockchains. So it offers a balanced and comprehensive analysis of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, this book covers almost all the core concepts of these technologies. Besides this, it also elaborates on the strengths and weaknesses by providing real-world case studies. Moreover, this guide dive deep into their economic, technical, political and legal complexities, etc. This book further gains insights about their future after interviewing dozens of industry leaders.

What do you consider cryptocurrencies and blockchains a bubble or a revolution? So this incredible guide will help you to decide. You will further learn the technical perspective of bitcoin and blockchains. Moreover, you will have an overview of crucial crypto concepts. Besides this, it further includes different emerging trends in blockchains technology.

Furthermore, this guide is very useful to learn Monero, Tether and bitcoin cash. The major sections of this book cover different core concepts. The first, you will learn about bitcoin and blockchains. Second, public blockchains and altcoins. Third private blockchains. This book further includes ICO vs STOs vs IPOs. Moreover, digital democracy and voting on the blockchain. Finally, the future of decentralized technology.

Life after Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy

  • This book explains the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.
  • It further includes a possible solution to the current crisis.
  • Lean cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin

The base of Google is basically standing on big data and machine intelligence. So it is a great era which is coming to an end. According to Peter Thiel, “Google’s algorithms assume the world’s future is nothing more than the next moment in a random process. George Gilder shows how deep this assumption goes, what motivates people to make it, and why it’s wrong: the future depends on human action.”

In life after Google, George explains why Silicon Valley is suffering a nervous breakdown. He further explains what to expect as the post-Google age dawns. Furthermore, Google has an engrossing ability to search and sort. So it attracts the entire world to its SE and its numberless other goodies. For example, videos, email, maps, and calendars, etc.

Google offers its service free of cost or so it seems. Instead of paying directly, users pay to advertise. The system of “aggregate and advertise” works; If you control an empire of big data centers. However, a market without price strangles entrepreneurship. It further makes the internet a wasteland of ads.

The name of this book is very clear. So it further clears the concepts of the rise of blockchains economy. This book is very useful for those who have an interest in the blockchain economy.

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps

  • This detailed guide covers all the basics of blockchain technology.
  • Explain different limitations and their possible solution
  • Learn major components and their purpose in this technology

This guide is very handy that deals with the basics of blockchain technology. First and foremost, you don’t need any mathematical formulas and coding. Furthermore, it doesn’t need a specific computer science jargon to understand this book. This informative book explains different terminologies and concepts through analogies, pictures, and metaphors, etc.

In addition to this, the book bridges all gaps between technical books and purely business-focused books about the blockchain. So it covers almost all basics to advanced concepts. Therefore, if you are an absolute beginner, this book can be the finest option. Furthermore, it is equally helpful for all types of readers. There is no prerequisite for reading this book such as coding or math concepts.

What you will learn in this book? First, it introduces you to the blockchain. Why it is important? Second, it explains why there are excitement and potential about the blockchain. Furthermore, it covers the major components and their purposes in this technology. At last, you will learn about different limitations. And how to overcome them?

So this book is very handy for all those who want to have a basic idea about this technology. And want to understand its entire working. Moreover, if you have the interest to know about its potential to change the entire financial system.

Blockchain Technology Explained: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide About Blockchain Wallet, Mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Dash, IOTA And Smart Contracts

  • This guide explains blockchain technology very deeply.
  • Talk about its potential to replace your institutions such as backs
  • Explain bitcoin, problems, Ethereum, and smart contract

This is an ultimate beginner guide. So its main focus is to explain blockchain technology rather than talking about investment. However, this guide explains all the basics in detail. You will learn almost everything related to this technology.

Blockchain Technology Explained different applications of blockchain. So how blockchain will solve problems? Moreover, how this technology is capable to improve security for transactions and contracts. Furthermore, this book introduces you to a block.

In addition to this, you will learn what is a chain and its importance. Besides this, the guide explains mining and its importance. Is there any other alternative to mining that create a blockchain? So the next thing is the bitcoin. Pros and cons of bitcoin. Moreover, the book talks about different possible hurdles on the way of blockchain adoption.

The most interesting thing about this book is to explore different aspects of this technology. For example, does this technology is capable to build trust between strangers. Moreover, is it possible to use this technology out of finance? Moreover, you don’t need math or other coding skills to understand this book. So if you are an absolute beginner, this book is for you!

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