The 4 best Computer Books

Computers Made Easy: From Dummy To Geek

  • This book is very helpful for absolute beginners.
  • Cover a wide variety of topics
  • Learn peripherals, software and basic networking

This book is very useful for foundation building in computer skills. As the name suggests, it is a handy guide that takes your skills to an advanced level. This guide is basically for absolute beginners. Therefore, the computer made easy take rookies and make them pro on computer!

Moreover, the book is very easy to follow. So this is an amazing guide for top-level understanding without a complex education. Besides this, you will start learning from the very beginning and move toward advanced concepts step by step.

What you will learn in this detailed guide? First and foremost, this book introduces you to the computer basics. You will further learn about computer peripherals. Furthermore, the writer has divided different sections wisely. Moreover, you will learn everything related to hardware. Second, you will move toward software including the operating system. So this guide basically discusses Microsoft Windows. Third, this guide explains in detail what is the internet and emails?

In addition to this, this incredible resource explains different antivirus and antispyware software. Furthermore, you will also learn about how to avoid scams. Besides all, this guide helps you in crashes and error messages troubleshooting. It further explains Wi-Fi and internet troubleshooting.

Furthermore, this guide is very helpful for learning backup, protection, and security. You will also learn cloud storage as well. This book further moves to basic networking.

The Computer Book: From the Abacus to Artificial Intelligence, 250 Milestones in the History of Computer Science (Sterling Milestones)

  • This guide covers almost 250 incredible inventions from abacus to AI.
  • Find an impressive history of computers
  • Further covers ancient record-keeping to the latest computing technologies

If you are an advanced learner, this book is the finest option for you. Advanced learners mean you want to understand the complete history of the computer from abacus to the current working machines. So this book is an interesting guide for those who want to learn computer history from zero.

Abacus was the first machine known as the computer. Moreover, artificial intelligence is the latest technology that has revolutionized the computer working. So this book explains in detail 250 milestones in the history of computer science.

What you will find in this book? So this book contains complete details of 250 landmark illustrations. So these illustrations encompass inventions, events, and publications as well. Furthermore, the most interesting part of this book is to contain the info of ancient record-keeping devices to the latest computing technologies.

Furthermore, this incredible addition in Milestone series takes a chronological journey throughout history. This book is a great effort of two highly experienced and proficient researchers in computer science.

What you will find in this book? So this book covers Sumerian abacus, Morse code, and the first spam message. Furthermore, this book includes cryptography, Isaac Asimov’s Laws of robotics and early computers. In addition to this, the books explain further UNIX, early programming languages. Besides this, you will find minis and micros, movies, video games, virtual reality and more.

Computer Basics Absolute Beginner’s Guide, Windows 10 Edition (includes Content Update Program) (8th Edition)

  • This is a handy book for absolute beginners.
  • Further covers the basic internet usage and network building
  • Organization of different components

This book is the most incredible guide for absolute beginners in computer science. So you will find almost different examples with Windows 10 Edition. This book facilitates you to learn all major concepts regarding computers very quickly. Even if you have never ever used a Windows computer, you can still start reading this book.

In addition to above all, this book contains the best illustrations for learning purposes. This book provides different illustrations to explain computer science from beginning to advanced level. Moreover, this book also explains social media as well. Besides this, it also provides a glimpse of the future of computer science.

Furthermore, this book contains almost everything you need to know as a beginner. So you will learn how to get started with computers and usage of Windows 10 start menu and desktop. Next, you will learn the internet connection and how to browse the web with default browser.

In this step by step guide, first, you will learn basic networking such as create a home network in just minutes. Second, you will learn how to complete your office work fast. Third, you will further learn different component organizations in this book.

How Computers Work: The Evolution of Technology, 10th Edition

  • This incredible guide explains the complete working of computing devices.
  • Learn how giant websites and computer are expending the universe
  • Further explains how computing is evolving the way of life

How Computers Work is an incredible illustrated guide to the world of technology and PCs. This guide doesn’t only deal with PCs but also includes the variation of technology. Moreover, this guide also explains the brief history of computer technology. So how giant computers get smaller and smaller to mini computers now.

Furthermore, this resource teaches you how computing is evolving the entire way of life. This guide assumes that you know nothing so explain everything with colored illustrations. You will learn how smartphones and tablets give a complete computing power in your hands.

In addition to this, you will learn how computing technology is linking our workplaces. So Technology has basically provided everything in your one room. For example, you can have learning material, current affairs and entertainments in your home.

How Computers Work is very helpful guide for newbies that introduces the complete working of technology to newbies. Moreover, you will find that how giant sites such as Facebook, eBay, and Google have changed and expanded the universe. You can learn from different resources available worldwide. This guide will further introduce you to such valuable resources. When you know the complete working of technology, your interest in technology increased.

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