The 4 best Books for Computer programming languages

A computer can be given instructions by a user to perform a specific function. A computer cannot understand human language, this is why a language was designed that could be understood by a computer called programming languages. There are several languages that have been developed to achieve this, these includes; kotlin, python, JavaScript, C++, visual basics among other many other languages. With these languages one can be able to give instructions to the computer and the computer understands. Every programming language has its own distinct features that distinguish it from the rest. The languages helps the computer to perform large amount of work within a short time, by just giving it some set of instructions and guidelines, a computer can be able to process large amounts of information within a short time.

It is important to learn these languages if you are interested in venturing into programming. Programming language is the foundation of programming and so if you are interested, the first thing you will have to do is to learn the languages, this is the reason why I have compiled a list of the best programming language books for you ,to help you know what to choose for you course;

JavaScript: The Good Parts (by Douglas Cockford)

  • It is cheap
  • It covers the topics extensively
  • It makes use of a variety simple language to explain the concepts

This is a book that majorly deals with JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is a very important language as far as programming is concerned. In this book you will be able to learn a lot more about; the components of JavaScript language and how to assemble these components. The book majors on JavaScript only without losing fiocus because it is meant to help in this particular language only. The topics that this book covers include; syntax, objects, functions, inheritance, arrays, regular expressions, methods, styles among other things. This book will enable you learn on how to create effective codes, and executing them on a computer.

Learning Python (by Mark Lutz)

  • It is detailed
  • It has a simple language use
  • Covers everything from scratch.

This is another programming language book which has its base on python programming language. This book goes deep down to the very introduction of python language. It is a hands-on book, this means that the book has quite a number of examples and projects that you can experiment with as you go on with your course. This is the 5th edition of this book, this means that it has been edited very many times and it is up to date to help you understand JavaScript better. It is equipped with detailed explanation to help you as a beginner to understand better what you will be reading. The book contains questions and detailed illustrations that are easy to follow. The features that you expect to learn this book include; python inbuilt object types; use of functions, use of classes, how to organize functions and statements and you will be able to learn more about the advanced python tools.

PHP Objects, Patterns, And Practice (by matt zandstra)

  • It is broken down in three major categories hence easy to understand
  • It has a lot of information hence best for learning.
  • It uses a simple language making it easy to understand

This is a programming book which is based on php programming language. As from the topic this book deals with the patens, the objectives and the practice. The book starts by introducing class declaration, inheritance and reflection among others, that is the objective section. When you check out the pattern section, it covers the designing of patterns while the last tools section will explore the different tools you can use in this course, you are expected to learn the fundamentals like writing classes among others, you will be also expected to learn about new object-oriented features in PHP, you will be involved in various project.

The Language Of SQL (by Larry Rockoff)

  • It is cheap
  • It is easy to understand
  • The book explains very wall.

This is a programming language which is based on sql programming language. The book is indented to teach someone how to; use SQL to retrieve data from a relationship database, it also helps to apply functions and calculations, also to create, modify and execute the stored procedures. The language used in the book is very clear and easy to understand, there is no use of jargons that will give you problem when reading. The book is quite cheap too.

To sum this up, we can appreciate that there quite a number of computer programming languages. The book s available can be very helpful when it comes to learning these languages. It is important that you deal with just one particular language at a time so as to avoid confusion. Finally, make sure that you find a right book at the time of purchase, check the reviews first.

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