The 4 best Container Software Books

Using Docker: Developing and Deploying Software with Containers

  • This guide includes building and deploying a simple web application.
  • Further covers many options for logging and monitoring multiple containers.
  • Also, explain securing your system and principle of defense-in-depth and least privilege

Docker containers are the most robust way of developing software. Moreover, these are much simpler and faster than previously available containers. So you can effectively develop, distribute and run your software using these containers. All you need to have an incredible guide to get started with Docker.

There are many platforms where you can commence your journey to the Docker world. However, Using Docker is the finest point to start from. Above all, this hands-on guide covers almost everything you need to know. So, you will learn about the importance of containers. You further learn how to make it part of your development process.

In addition, this helpful guide is ideal for operation engineers, system administrators, and developers. Besides, this is the most optimal choice for those keen to embrace the DevOps approach. So this guide will take from the basics of Docker and containers to advance level containers. Such as you will learn about different containers running on multi-host systems with scheduling and networking.

Furthermore, these books pass you through different steps needed for development and testing. Then deploying you web apps using Docker. This guide clears many concepts. Such as cluster and orchestrate containers to address load balancing. Besides this, scheduling, failover and scaling your containers.

Docker Deep Dive

  • This book explains the complete architecture of Docker.
  • Further, learn about core concepts such as containers and images.
  • You will also cover networking, security, and volumes.

Docker is a much simpler but most robust container used for developing and deploying web applications. After learning Docker containers, you will be capable to design stunning containers according to your needs. So if you are passionate about learning Docker. Then, Docker Deep Dive is the most suitable point to start!

This book is a masterpiece and a well-written book by Book Authority. You can consider this book an all-time best book written on Docker. As featured on Forbes and CNN. So the Book Authority is an organization that rates books on the bases of public mentions. Moreover, they also include recommendations, sentiments and rating factors to rate a book.

If you are a newcomer, this book is the best option for you. Moreover, if you want to be a pro, this book is for you too! Docker Deep Dive explains everything from basics to advanced concepts. In addition, this book is applicable to the world today!

In addition, this book has extensive coverage of Docker architecture. You will further dive into different core concepts of images and containers. Besides, this hands-on guide includes Docker Certified Associate coverage. The most important point is this guide covers everything in a very engaging way. You will also learn networking, security, and volumes. So this book plays is an incredible guide to get started. After reading the last chapter, you will be pro in Docker!

The Docker Book: Containerization is the new virtualization

  • This book covers basic to advanced concepts of Docker containers.
  • Further, learn about advanced concepts such as running a more complex Docker container.
  • It also includes multi-container environment and applications.

When talking about development, managing, and software deployment, you need Docker. So you can do it professionally only if you have a strong grip over Docker containers. Therefore, you need a helpful source to make you understand all the core concepts of Docker. If you are looking for such a source, The Docker Book is for you!

So this book is a great addition to the books written on Docker. Who can take benefits from this book? So this hands-on guide targets system admins, operation staff and SREs. Moreover, this book is for those who are passionate about deploying the open-source containers service, Docker.

In addition, you will learn everything you need to know about Docker. Such as installation, deployment, and management. You will also learn about extending Docker. First of all, this book introduces you to the basic components of the containers. So this book includes how to install and manage Docker. Deploying Docker containers as a part of the testing pipeline.

Besides, you will learn about building a multi-container application and environment. This guide also covers orchestration. So this book makes you capable to explore the Docker API. Moreover, you will learn about complex Docker containers. So after the end of this book, you will be able to extend Docker like a pro!

Docker: Up & Running: Shipping Reliable Containers in Production

  • This book explains how Docker simplifies dependency management.
  • Further learn about image, containers and command-line tools
  • It also covers deployment tools, orchestration, networking, and security.

Docker is changing the way the entire organization on a large scale. However, it is very important to understand Linux containers fit very well into your workflow. Getting the right details of integration is also not a trivial task. Docker: Up & Running is a valuable source to learn how to use package dependencies in your application.

In addition, you will also learn about testing, shipping and supporting containers in production. So, this hands-on guide includes many examples that are very helpful to grasp concepts clearly. Matthias and Kane have included an entire chapter on deeper coverage of Docker Swarm mode and Docker compose. Moreover, it also introduces Kubernetes and AWS Fargate. Besides, you will learn about the optimization of Docker images. Besides, you will learn how Docker is helpful to simplify dependency in your application. This book also includes advanced concepts such as images and command-line tools. These concepts also contain debugging of containers and deploy production containers at large scale inside a cloud environment.

Besides, you will cover networking, deployment tools, security and much more. So after the end of this book, you will be proficient in all Docker concepts.

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