The 4 best CSS Books

CSS: The Definitive Guide: Visual Presentation for the Web

  • Learn all features and media queries
  • Creation of responsive interface for better user experience
  • Equally handy for both beginners and advanced users

CSS is one of the fundamental languages for web development. If you want to become an expert web designer or app developer, you need to be an expert in CSS. The user interface is very important in any software or website. It is because the interface gives the first impression of your site. People stay on your site if you provide a user-friendly interface.

CSS is an evolving language that describes the presentation of web content on the screen, chat windows, and screen readers. You can design any web page with CSS to present that on any screen size. It is very useful to create a responsive design for different devices that vary in screen size. All browsers use it to display stylish content on all devices including computers, televisions, watches, phones and auto consoles.

If you have an interest in complex page styling, arresting design, improved accessibility, this book is for you. It is the complete guide that covers everything related to web designing. If you read this book alone, it will save your time and effort as well. The revised edition is a comprehensive guide that helps in CSS implementation. This book also covers the latest CSS specifications.

CSS: The Definitive Guide: Visual Presentation for the Web is very useful to improve user experience. After reading this book, you will be capable to speed up the development process and avoid potential bugs. This book helps you to glorify your app by using transitions and animation. In addition to this, you will explore some other useful tools and techniques to polish your skills.

CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems

  • Helps you to create an eye-catching design
  • The comprehensive guide for achieving different visual effects
  • Create a responsive design for all screens size

This practical guide is a great assist for intermediate to advanced CSS developers. As the name suggests, the CSS Secrets book reveals 47 undocumented tips and techniques to enhance your expertise. After learning these secrets, you will be capable to handle a wide range of everyday web design issues.

CSS Secrets shows you how to solve problems with code instead of focusing on design. This book shows you how to use different properties and address their possible issues. After applying the discussed approach of this book, you will attain a flexible, maintainable, and lightweight result.  

What you will learn in this book? The book covers all types of selectors, text properties and font styles. You will learn amazing floats and positioning tricks. The book explains in detail the complete grid layout system. This book is a great effort to explain animation, transition, 2D and 3D transformation. It deals with very advanced concepts such as clipping, blending, filters, and masking.

The main thing in CSS is to understand and utilize all properties effectively. After reading this book, you will be adept in typography, structure, and layout.

CSS Visual Dictionary

  • Visually present 256 properties of CSS
  • The best revision guide
  • For visual learners, it is a matchless book

CSS Visual Dictionary is one of the unique books ever written on this topic. The most interesting feature of this book to give you hands-on experience by looking at CSS property. Most of the time, visual representation is unforgettable. This book almost covers 250 visual diagrams. The diagrams explain in detail how to use CSS properties and values. All major browsers support these properties.

CSS contains different similar properties. So most of the web designers mix these properties. For example, there are outlines, padding and border properties in CSS. People are confused about these properties. All three properties define the outer portion of an object. However, they have different usage.

Most of the people mix different positioning attributes of CSS like float. There are several other confusing properties in CSS such as gradients and transitions. The list of confusion doesn’t end here. While creating a responsive design, most developers mix properties and face different issues.

 CSS Visual Dictionary is a great addition in the CSS world that visually describes all properties. This book describes how the browser interprets different attributes of CSS.

CSS Pocket Reference: Visual Presentation for the Web

  • Covers all selectors, properties, attributes and values of CSS.
  • Very useful for intermediate to advanced users
  • A quick reference guide to find the desired information

CSS is a fundamental component of all websites. Without CSS, HTML is just a skeleton. It makes a site fabulous and improves user experience. For CSS, all you need to learn how all properties work. It means how browsers interpret different properties and values. If you effectively learn the usage of properties, you can design any website with appealing layouts.

There are many frameworks of CSS available to design your website such as Bootstrap. However, you still need to learn CSS. Without CSS, you can’t learn any framework easily. So you should always consider CSS if you want to make your career in web development.

If you want to learn CSS quickly and effectively, this book is for you. Although CSS Pocket Reference is concise, yet the most comprehensive resource of CSS. This revised and updated version for CSS3, this book is a perfect guide for intermediate to advanced web designers.

You will find a brief introduction of all core concepts of CSS. The book is a reference guide so it contains all selectors alphabetically. This is an up to date resource of CSS and includes all new properties. New properties include flexbox, masking, composition, and clipping.

This book summaries all selectors and properties of CSS almost in 200 pages. If you forget different selectors or properties, it is one of the finest books for you to consider. It explains all queries that are essential to creating your web page responsive.

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