The 4 best Database Books

Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems

  • This book covers the strengths and weaknesses of different data-related tools.
  • Further learn practical examples for concepts clarifications.
  • Understand different distributed systems having modern databases

Data is the most essential component in almost all applications today. So these applications need a container to store that data known as a database. Furthermore, there exists a lot of database design challenges as well in these applications. So these challenges include consistency and efficiency. Some other issues include scalability, reliability, and maintainability of the data.

Therefore, to resolve all such issues in the database, you need a suitable guide. Designing Data-intensive Applications is the finest option to learn these concepts. In addition, this book contains many handy tools. So these tools include NoSQL data stores, relational databases, and batch processors.

There is a possibility that all these buzzwords are new for you. There is no need to worry! Because this book helps you to choose the right solution for your applications. In this practical and comprehensive guide, you will further learn different pros and cons of different technologies.

In addition to this, the software keeps changing but basics remain the same. Moreover, you will learn different practical examples for engineers and architects. So this book basically covers all fundamental principles related to data applications. So after completing the last chapter of this book, you will be capable to operate different tools effectively. Moreover, you will learn scalability, consistency as well as fault tolerance. Besides this, this book also introduces different behind the scenes of major online services.

Database Systems: The Complete Book (2nd Edition)

  • The book is an incredible guide for graduates, junior and senior database developers.
  • Learn advanced concepts such as logic, OOPS and data structures
  • Contains the latest database standards such as SQL: 1999

Database Systems are an ideal choice for all database learners. Do you want to learn Database Systems and design? This book will help you to learn all basic concepts of databases. Furthermore, this book is an optimal guide for juniors and seniors. And even for graduate levels in computer science departments.

Furthermore, this book helps you to learn algebraic expressions and basic data structures. Besides this, the book provides a basic understanding of OOPS concepts and programming environments. This book is useful for different aspects: First, it focuses on database design and database use. Second, you will learn about the implementation of database applications and database management systems.

What you will find in this book? The first half of this book covers in-depth coverage of the database from the designer perspective. Moreover, it also covers user and programmer’s perspective. Besides this, this book is a useful guide with the latest database standards SQL: 1999. Other database standards such as SQL/ PSM, ODL, JDBC, XML. However, it mostly covers SQL as compared to others.

The second half of this book includes the in-depth coverage of the database from the DBMS implementation point of view. Besides this, the guide touches storage structures and transaction management. And also explains query processing.

At last, you will find broader coverage of query optimization. Moreover, some advanced concepts include multidimensional and bitmap indexes. Distributed transitions as well as information integration.

Database Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational Database Design (3rd Edition)

  • This book covers database types, design terminologies, and models.
  • Further learn what good database design is.
  • The complete process to analyze your database for enhancement.

It is the simplest way to learn database design. So database design is the most critical and important part of database development. Do you know about the good database design? This book is very useful to make you understand what does a good database design mean? Moreover, this book covers a generic database design approach. So after reading this book, you can design any type of database.

What does this book cover? First, you will find how to design databases. So it will be really helpful for you to create a reliable, well-structured, and flexible design. Even for the latest web applications. Furthermore, this book starts from the absolute beginning. So it means you will learn database planning.

Second, you will learn to define tables, fields, relationships, and keys. Furthermore, it explains different business rules and views about the database. Besides this, the book adopts practical way to improve data integrity. Next, avoiding common mistakes, and when to break simple rules.

At last, you will be capable to pre-plan the database and create the best flexible design. So Database Design for Mere Mortals is the finest and affordable option for all users.

Introductory Relational Database Design for Business, with Microsoft Access

  • This guide contains several real-world examples like finance, etc.
  • A quick way to learn everything related to relational database
  • Useful guides cover both basic and advanced concepts

Relational databases are one of the most powerful forms of information technology. So you can find many books written on the relational database. The majority of the books need extensive and sophisticated computer science knowledge. So you will hardly find a book that is very helpful from beginners to advanced learners equally.

On the other hand, what if you find books that assume less computer science background. Still those books focus primarily on user interface. However, they don’t explain database designing deeply.

Database designing is the most important step in database development. So this is an incredible effort that covers relational databases with MS Access. Furthermore, this book takes you step by step from basic concepts to advanced ones. It further contains a lot of real-world examples. So after practicing these hands-on examples, you can easily design and develop complex databases.

If you practice all given exercises, you will be adept to deal various database tools. Moreover, you will be capable to handle databases with dozens of tables. At last, you will learn relational database theory, relations, formulating queries in SQL, and etc. So if you are looking for an amazing database resource, do consider this book!

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