The 4 best Excel Books

Excel 2019 Bible

  • This guide is very helpful for Excel novice
  • Explains all new and updated features of Excel 2019
  • Learn Master formulas, pivot tables and formatting as well

Excel 2019 Bible is the most suitable guide for both beginners and advanced learners. So this is a comprehensive and go-to guide for all Excel 2019 users. Whether you use Excel at home or office, you will find this guide very helpful.

Furthermore, this guide explains all the powerful features of Excel 2019. If you know already some useful features, this guide will still give you some advantages. At the start, this guide explains new and updated features of Excel 2019. In addition to this, you will not only learn basic formulas. But also you will learn to incorporate templates and data analyzing.

The list of advantages doesn’t end yet. So the list further includes how to create a pivot table. Besides this, you will learn about implementing advanced formulas. Excel 2019 Bible is an effective guide for business and technical work as well. Moreover, you will find it helpful in home management and creating advance office templates. This book is very easy to follow. So there is no complexion in this working flow. After reading this book, you will be adept and capable to manage all your data effectively.

Excel 2019 All-in-One for Dummies

  • This book is for dummies to take them at the pro level
  • Include data management, modeling, analysis, and visualization
  • Explains macros and VBA

Excel 2019 all in one for Dummies is the finest guide for beginners. As the name suggests, it is the complete guide for Excel 2019 learners. So you can find all the basics to advanced concepts just in a single book. First, the book covers some basic Excel functions. For example, you will learn how to create and edit worksheets. It further explains sharing and reviewing worksheets.

In addition to this, you will learn formatting worksheets. Setting up formulas as well as worksheet protection. Next, you will learn how to generate pivot tables. Besides this, it covers financial functions, if-else scenarios and database functions.

Furthermore, this book is very handy for advanced Excel users as well. Because this guide doesn’t revolve just around basic concepts. Furthermore, this book doesn’t waste your time by explaining basic concepts. Even this book is a great choice for advanced learners. Because this book explains several advanced concepts. For example, you learn to import data, perform error trapping. Moreover, building and running macros. Further, you will find charting data.

Besides above all, you will learn the combination of MS Excel with MS Power BI. So BI stands for Business Intelligence. This guide explains everything a beginner needs to know to advance MS Excel leaner.

Learn Excel 2016 Expert Skills with The Smart Method: Courseware Tutorial teaching Advanced Techniques

  • This book provides high-level concepts
  • Contains different sections that make learning very easy
  • It is a suitable guide for all Excel users including teachers

If you are a regular Microsoft Excel user, you should purchase this guide. As the name of the book suggests, it covers the most advanced concepts of Excel. It is a fact that there are different techniques to do the same work. Maybe you are familiar with the advanced usage of Excel. However, this book provides the smartest method to complete your work.

The main purpose of this book is to cover everything related to MS Excel 2016. However, if you are a user of previous Excel versions, this book can be still helpful for you. This tutorial provides the most advanced way to take you at an advanced level.

What does this book cover? So this book teaches Excel for high-level competency. After reading this book, your Excel skills will be much greater than any other Excel user. Moreover, this book separates OLAP skills from usual or mainstream Excel skills.

Excel 2016 contains many OLAP related powerful tools. So these tools are basically separate applications. Besides this, the book covers both relational models and OLAP in three different sessions. At the end of the book, you will learn OLAP Pivot Tables and 3D Maps as well.

In addition to above all, the author has divided this book wisely. You will find everything well-structured and perfectly explained. If you already know basic Excel concepts and want to enhance your skills. This book is for you!

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling (5th Edition)

  • This book helps you to transform data into useful and effective results.
  • Learn advanced functions like INDIRECT and OFFSET
  • Covers advanced usage of macros

Do you want to master in business modeling and analysis techniques with MS Excel 2016? Moreover, you also want to transform your data into bottom-line results. So this book is an effective tool to learn data analysis and business modeling.

Furthermore, this guide facilitates you to use Excel’s newest tool to get accurate answers. Answer? Well, this informative guide includes over 150 new problems with detailed answers. If you want to polish your skills with different hands-on exercises, this book is for you!

What you will find in this informative guide? So you will learn a quick transition from basics to complex Excel analytics. Furthermore, this book helps you to summarize data using Descriptive Statistics and Pivot Tables.

In addition to this, you will cover a wide variety of topics. The topics include Excel trend curves, exponential smoothing, and multiple regressions. Besides this, the book includes advanced functions including offset and indirect. Next, you will dive into key statistical, financial and time functions.

In addition to this, you will use tame complex optimization using Excel Solver. This book further guides you about making charts using Power View. Furthermore, you will create various Pivot Tables from data in different workbooks and worksheets. After the end of the last chapter, you will be capable to analyze and create amazing business models using MS Excel.

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