The 4 best Flutter Books

Learn Google Flutter Fast: 65 Example Apps

  • This book explains flutter by using working examples.
  • Further provides 65 mini-apps to learn quickly
  • Includes Stateless and stateful widgets, builders, routing and much more

Flutter is the most powerful framework of Dart programming language offered by Google. This is the most well-known framework to build cross-platform applications. So if you are a mobile app developer and want to survive in the development field, you should learn Flutter. To learn Flutter, you need an incredible source to get started.

So if you are looking for such a source, Learn Google Flutter Fast is an incredible guide for you! As it is a fact that an example is better than a thousand words. This guide acts upon this saying. So it contains 65 best example apps to make you understand easily.

What you will learn in this book? So you will learn everything related to flutter with examples. Besides this, it includes 65 mini-apps for fast understanding. The first three chapters of this book explain the Dart language. Such as introduction to Flutter, Installing Flutter, and your first Flutter app. You will further learn about dependencies and packages.

In addition to this, the book covers everything related to gadgets. Such as basic material widgets, single-child widget, and multi-child gadgets. It further explains app scaffolding widgets and some mix widgets as well. Moreover, you will learn about builders, forms, REST & JSON and REST.

It also includes State and BloCs with streams, debugging and performance. At last, you will learn about keys and rendering and other performance considerations. So after the end of the last chapter, you will be capable to publish your app successfully.

Beginning Flutter: A Hands on Guide to App Development

  • This book is an incredible guide for absolute beginners.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Flutter covering the entire framework.
  • Further cover the latest widgets and tools for developers

Do you want to learn Flutter? In addition, do you have any experience in this framework? What you have no experience? Okay! There is no need to worry at all! Beginning Flutter: A Hands on Guide to App Development for you. This book doesn’t require any experience to get started.

Moreover, if you are an advanced learner, still this guide is very helpful for you. This book is a hands-on guide to develop a cross-platform mobile app. So you can utilize this book to develop a beautiful and robust app for both Android and iOS devices. There is no need to learn multiple programming languages. Furthermore, you don’t need to juggle more in one codebase.

While using Flutter, it means you are working on the Dart language. It is the finest choice for top app developers. Moreover, Dart language is very easy to understand. So if you want to get started in programming careers, you can start with this language.

In addition to this, Beginning Flutter book makes the entire process far easier. So the main objective of this book is to provide a quick and easy way of learning.

Flutter in Action

  • This guide helps you to develop an app from an absolute beginning.
  • Further, learn to build a full-featured app with the best user interface.
  • No coding experience required to get started

Flutter is a new yet most powerful mobile app development kit. So almost all mobile app developers are familiar with this framework. So most of the beginner developers start learning this language as their first language. It is because Flutter is a framework of Dart language that is easy to learn as well.

According to a study, users downloaded almost 178 billion apps just in a year. Furthermore, the download count will reach to 258 billion by 2022. So all users want the best quality app having a user friendly interface. So it is up to the developers to create stunning and engrossing apps.

Flutter makes the development process very easy. So you can develop the most efficient apps using this framework offered by Google. Flutter in Action teaches you to develop full-featured and awesome mobile applications with Flutter. So to follow this book is as easy as a pie. So the visuals of the book help you to learn the concepts easily. Moreover, you will find various useful coding examples.

In addition to this, you will create the best user interface. You will further learn about state management and database integration using a Dart web app. So at the end of this book, you will be capable to develop a competitive app professionally.

Google Flutter Mobile Development Quick Start Guide: Get up and running with iOS and Android mobile app development

  • This book covers the fundamentals of Flutters
  • Further explains various widgets in Flutter
  • Develop cross-platform mobile development Such as iOS and Android

Flutter is the most famous cross-platform mobile app development framework. This framework uses the Dart programming language offered by Google. So if you want to learn Flutter quickly, Google Flutter Mobile Development Quick Start Guide for you. Besides this, the main objective of this book is to make development easy, faster and efficient.

Besides this, it makes the development easy and straightforward. This guide further covers advanced concepts of Flutter to successfully develop cross-platform applications. So the first few chapters explain how to get started with this language. The book continues to dive into the widget world. You will further find the widget catalog and navigation process.

In addition to this, you will learn what is Silver and its usage. Further, it teaches you about the usage of constraints and animations. Before deploying your app in Flutter, you will learn how to use Firebase for remote configuration and remote messaging. Besides this, the main target of this book is to provide the best platform for developers. So they can learn Flutter effectively. Such as they can learn networking with Flutter and Dart.

Moreover, you will build and publish your own plugins after reading this book. The distribution of the content in the different chapters is amazing. After the completion of the last chapter, you can build and release fully functional apps on Android and iOS. At last, you can work with any mobile app development app like a pro!

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