The 4 best Game Development Books

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming

  • This book covers the fundamentals of C++ programming.
  • You can learn basic to advanced concepts in this step by step guide.
  • Also, learn to develop a fully functional game.

When we talk about game development, it means we are talking about C++ programming. C++ is the most noteworthy language for game development. If you too want to become a game developer, you must have a strong grip over C++ programming. So it is mandatory for you to learn fundamentals of C++ if you want to become a developer.

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming is the most useful guide for game development. This guide covers basic to advance concepts for game development. So this latest edition makes you capable to develop a fully functional game.

In addition to this, you will learn about different AI algorithms and head-up displays. Moreover, you can enhance graphics quality after reading this book. Finally, if you want to be a game developer, you need to learn C++. And if you want to learn C++, you need to read this book!

Game Programming in C++: Creating 3D Games: Creating 3D Games (Game Design)

  • This book helps you to build more intelligent games with AI algorithms.
  • Further, learn about implementing 3D graphics with OpenGL.
  • It also covers load and saves levels and other binary game data

C++ is a key language at many leading game development studios. Almost all game studios use it to maintain and improve their games. So before hiring any new developer, they do look for C++ language expertise. If you are a game developer or want to be, you need to have a strong grip over C++ programming.

So if you are looking for an incredible guide to learn game development using C++, this book is for you! Game Programming in C++ is a practical guide that helps you program 3D video games in C++. Moreover, this is a step by step guide that gradually moves to the advanced concepts.

In addition, this book helps you to learn various advanced concepts. Such as 2D and 3D graphics, AI, audio and video, etc. Besides, this guide provides different exercises with each concept for better understanding. Furthermore, you will deepen your expertise working on the most complex concepts.

Above all, you will learn about building intelligent games with cutting-edge AI algorithms. This book also covers shaders, matrices, and transformation. You will further learn about vectors, game updates and game physics.

This book also explains how to detect the collisions of objects in a 3D environment. You will be further capable to implement 3D graphics using OpenGL. This book also guides you on how to build a stunning user interface. So after the completion of this book, you will be capable to respond to player input effectively.

Video Game Careers – Beginners Guide: Real Career Advice for Kids, Parents, and Gamers

  • This incredible guide is easy to follow.
  • Further, you can learn about basic to advance concepts for game development.
  • This guide also provides many examples for better understanding.

Almost all gamers dream to build their own games. So have you ever dreamed like that? What you don’t know how to build a game? There is no need to worry. Video Game Careers is an incredible source that makes you skillful to develop your own game.

Gaming is a giant business and getting bigger all the time. So every year, thousands of passionate gamers step in their gaming careers. Video Game Careers is a short but highly readable source for gamers, parents, and kids. Moreover, this is also very useful for all those people, who want to understand the game development process.

In addition, this book provides the complete details of this business in the step by step manner. This guide also includes various interesting examples and diagrams. Above all, the series is full of humor, fascinating behind the scene anecdotes and career advice from industry pros.

The most creative guru, Hardy Le Bel has written this series. He has almost 20-year experience in the industry. So now he is haring incredible tips and strategies that are helpful for breaking into the game business.

So this series is one of the great addition in the gaming world. Because it helps to make you understand the different steps needed for game development. So if you are a gamer, it will further increase your interest while gaming. Finally, if you want to enjoy your game in true manners, you need to read this book once.

Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 5.x – Second Edition

  • You will learn the fundamental of variable, methods, code syntax in C#.
  • Further, learn object-oriented programming principles
  • Develop an eye-catching user interface for your games.

C# is another most popular game that helps you to learn to develop amazing games. So you can develop your own 2D platform game using C#. If you know nothing about C# and want to step in game development, this book is for you!

Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity helps you to learn interactive 2D game development. This book helps you to learn all the fundamentals of scripting in C# with Unity. So you can develop the best game from scratch using the principle of object-oriented programming.

In addition, this is a step by step guide that gradually move to the advanced level. First of all, you will learn the basics of C#. Such as code syntax, methods, and variable creation. Then, you will know about different techniques to turn your game idea into a complete project. Furthermore, you will use loops and collections in Unity to reduce the code efficiently.

Besides, you will learn about OOP principles. This book also makes you capable to create infinite levels for your game. Moreover, you will be capable to create and code your own good looking game and fully functional game. So after the completion of this book, you will be capable to publish and share your game with users!

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