The 4 best Lego Boost Books

The LEGO BOOST Idea Book: 95 Simple Robots and Hints for Making More!

  • This book contains 95 creative ways to build simple robots.
  • Further, you will find an impressive screenshot and colorful photographs
  • Also, learn about building robots having the capability of walking and crawling

Do you have an interest in robotics? It is not a big deal to make your own robots nowadays. Therefore, if you want to create your own robots, you need a suitable guide to getting started. So if you have the plan to develop your own robots, this guide is for you! Hence, you have The LEGO BOOST Idea Book in your hands. You can build amazing robots with amazing features.

Above all, this informative guide provides you 95 creative ways to build simple robots. So each method describes in detail the complete procedure to design a robot. First of all, you will find the complete detail of the part list. The most noteworthy part of this book is to describe all concepts using screenshots of programs. Moreover, it also includes colorful photographs from multiple angles for better understanding. So after reading and exploring these illustrations, you can re-create your bots.

In addition to this, your robots not only have charming looks but also they can walk and crawl. Moreover, they are capable to grab different objects and have shooting capabilities. Each model shows a useful mechanical principle that helps you to come up with your own creation.

This book further provides many useful hints and ideas for putting your own spin on things. So after the completion of this book, you will have your own 95 robots!

The LEGO BOOST Activity Book

  • This book helps you to build a basic rover robot called MARIO.
  • You will also understand the in-depth concepts of robotics.
  • Also, learn all concepts using the best illustrations.

This book is another great resource to build multifunctional robots. The LEGO BOOST Activity Book helps you to design your robots by combining bricks with code. In fact, this book is a comprehensive guide that allows you to build and program boost robots in no time.

First of all, you will explore how to build a basic rover robot called MARIO. So after building this robot, you will be an expert in the fundamentals of the boost programming environment. Then, you will add different features to the rover robot to control its movement. Therefore, your robot will be capable of repeating an action and react to sounds and colors.

In addition, once you get an advanced level, this book teaches you to take your robot to the next level. For example, a robot will follow lines that you draw on the lines. It will further scan its environment to decide where to go. As a result, you will create two functional robots. First, a BrickPecker who helps you to organize your bricks. The second one is CYBOT that performs different tasks. Such as executing voice commands, talks and shoot objects.

Furthermore, this book covers various other topics for a deepening understanding of basic robots. This book also contains a section named Brain Booster. It further lets you dig into engineering and math behind building an amazing robot.

Besides, this book explains everything using appropriate illustrations and pieces of code. So you will understand all concepts in a better way. Finally, you will be capable to design an amazing robot!

The LEGO BOOST Expert Book: Building and Programming Instructions for 6 additional models based on the Boost-Set

  • This book is useful for everyone such as kids, teens, and adults to experienced learners.
  • Further, learn about basic building blocks for robotics
  • This guide also has the full potential of the Boost Set

If you are totally blank about robotics, you can still build a fully functional robot. Amazed? All you need to buy The LEGO BOOST Expert Book. This book is the finest option that covers the absolute beginner to the most advanced concepts. So you will find the full scope of functionalities and possibilities to create amazing robots.

This book also has the potential of the Boost-Set. You will further learn about 6 models with the best building blocks and programming techniques. So you will find each model into separate chapters Build, Code and Play. The first chapter explains Ball-Booster automate ball path contraption using the color sensor plus catapult. And the next chapter includes Bob-It-BoosterParty-Game with a score counter.

In addition, you will find the Weight-Booster Automated bean in the third chapter. Besides, this book covers Boost-Writer Vehicle and Egg-Booster Multi-Color in the 4th and 5th chapters. Finally, this book will make you an expert in robot building!

The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Vol. 2: Cars and Contraptions

  • This guide teaches you to build small projects such as gears, gadgets, etc.
  • Also, learn to develop adorable walking robots and robotic inchworms
  • It further contains colorful photographs for interactive learning.

Robotics is one of the most prominent fields of this era. Robots are replacing humans dramatically. Moreover, these are playing a key role in various fields. Now, you can design various small objects such as cars and contraptions.

The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book further covers showcases small projects to build with LEGO Technic gears. Furthermore, you will learn to build motors, gadgets and some other moving objects. This book further provides hundreds of clever and buildable mechanisms.

So each mechanism demonstrates a building technique or mechanical principles. You will also learn about building four-wheel-drive cars. Besides this, adorable walking bots, robotic inchworms, and steerable tanks. Even more, cars will be capable to follow the edge of a table.

The most noteworthy point of this book is to provide colorful photographs. The list includes a list of required parts needed to design a car. This book also illustrates the complete principle of gear systems. You will learn some other advance concepts. Such as suspensions, differentials, and power translations and much more. Finally, you will be good to go for car buildings!

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