The 4 best LibreOffice Books

Getting Started with LibreOffice 6.0

  • This book covers in detail all features of Writer i.e. word processing.
  • It further covers Calc (Spreadsheets), Draw (vector drawings), Math (equation) and databases.
  • You will also learn about the complete formatting details.

There are a lot of text editors available on the internet. They vary in terms of their cost and quality. LibreOffice is one of them. This office suite is available free of cost. You can use it for your daily office usage purpose. Above all, this incredible tool is available for different platforms. Such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux as well.

LibreOffice provides almost all the features that you need to write articles. For example, it includes text types, sizes, and tables. Moreover, you can add tables and forms. You can add different styles according to your needs. Besides, it provides some advanced features such as frames, sections, and mail merge options.

So it is a very handy tool everyone should know about it. For utilizing it maximum, you need to have a strong grip over its all features. Therefore, if you want to learn it completely, you need an incredible source of learning. Getting Started with LibreOffice 6.0 is one of the most useful sources for learning.

This incredible guide covers almost all concepts in the simplest way. So if you are at zero levels in LibreOffice, this book will make you a pro! First of all, this book coves Writer i.e. word processing. Then it further moves to Calc, Impress (presentation) and Base.

LibreOffice 6.0 Writer Guide

  • This guide is very useful for newcomers to advanced learners.
  • Further, you will learn almost all the features of the Writer in detail.
  • It also explains bibliographies and mail merging methods.

If you are a student or official, you will be most probably familiar with the MS Office suite. MS Office includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint software. LibreOffice is a similar piece of software. It is available free of cost. Furthermore, this is available for different platforms. So you can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

If you want to be a pro, you should go with LibreOffice 6.0 Writer Guide. So this book is very useful for both beginners to advanced level learners. You will learn all the features of the Writer in this book. The writer is a word processing suite. So it is similar to Word in MS Office suite.

This book explains all the features of the Writer in detail. So what you will learn in this book? This hand-on guide includes styles, templates graphics. In addition, you will learn about tables, forms and formatting different pages. So the formatting includes styles, frames, sections, and columns. It further covers how you can print your Writer documents.

Besides, this book teaches you master documents and fields. It follows further indexes and creating a table of content. Different volunteers have written LibreOffice 6.0 Writer Guide. LibreOffice community has written these books. Profits of the sale of this book benefit the community. So officials have written this book, so it is worth to purchase this book!

Libre office 5.1 Impress, Draw, Base book- Vol 2: Introduction To Libre Office 5.1, Dealing With Impress Presentation, Draw Vector Graphic, Apply Base … Create Table, Form, Query, Report & More

  • This book explains Writer, Impress, Draw, and other tools.
  • It further covers all features of the applications in detail.
  • You will also learn how to add 3D shapes and animation in your documents.

LibreOffice is an incredible office suite that contains almost all applications worth to use in the office. So it is equivalent to Office by Microsoft. Plus, LibreOffice is free software. The LibreOffice contains Writer, Calc, Draw, Base and Math Formula.

LibreOffice can easily replace MS Office. Because it is free and it supports all platforms. Moreover, it is open-source and has versatile applications. You can utilize it all features maximum after learning them in detail. LibreOffice 5.1 Impress is an incredible guide that is the best option to learn this application.

This book is very useful that assists you to create an impressive presentation. Furthermore, you can draw vector graphics and design. It also provides a base application for designing a database. You will further learn in detail queries, form, macros and reports.

In addition, this book teaches you format, tools, and control options. Furthermore, you can add custom animations and slide transitions and other effects. Besides, this book deals with even other presentation slide applications. Moreover, you can create a stunning presentation using the Impress presentation tools.

This book also covers robust 3D shapes designs, animated shapes, and controls. You will be further capable to design pamphlet, catalog, brochure, and manuscript. This list doesn’t end here. So after the end of the last chapter, you will be an expert in LibreOffice tools!

Use LibreOffice Base

  • This book covers basic to advanced concepts of LibreOffice Base.
  • Further, it moves step by step for better understanding.
  • This book also uses the Form wizard to customize the look and feel of the Base.

LibreOffice is an incredible software that has the capability to replace MS Office. It provides different useful tools for daily usage. For example, you can use the Writer to manage your documents. Further, you can use Impress to create stunning presentations. Likewise, you can use Calc to replace Excel in MS Office.

In addition, the LibreOffice suite contains Base i.e. a database application. Use LibreOffice Base is the best option to learn Base. This book explains all database concepts in step by step manners. So either you are a rookie or a skillful person, this book will be very helpful.

So what you will learn in this book? You will learn almost everything. For example, you will learn how to design, create and modify your database. Moreover, you will learn how to manage your database. This book further helps you to create forms, modify and view different reports. This book makes you a pro in the LibreOffice Base application.

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