The 4 best Linux Mint Books

Linux in easy steps: Illustrated using Linux Mint

  • This is an incredible guide for beginners
  • Covers almost everything from downloading to shell commands
  • Guides you about different great apps.

Linux is a well-known operating system. It is an incredible alternative to the Windows operating system. There are various reasons behind its popularity. For example, it is stable system software. It provides other great applications. Apart from all, it is a free platform.

What you will find in this incredible source? This informative source starts with how to get started with Linux. So the book guides you about how to download, install, and customize Linux. Moreover, it introduces many great apps.

These incredible apps include the LibreOffice suite of apps. This suite provides a Writer, a word processor app. Furthermore, it includes the Calc (spreadsheet) and Impress (presentation tool). These tools are an alternative to MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint in MS Office suite.

Moreover, this book elaborates on Draw (drawing tool) and Base (databases). Linux by default has Firefox for browsing the web. This guide explains Thunderbird that is an email exchanging app. Rhythmbox and VLC, GIMP and Pix are different media apps.

The most powerful tool in Linux is Linux shell. The shell is an incredible tool to communicate with the kernel directly. The kernel is the heart of Linux. Basically, the kernel has control over all operating systems. So most developers use Linux to utilize this shell. Linux is a heavenly platform for all developers.

Linux Mint 19: Desktops and Administration

  • It is equally helpful beginners and Advanced Linux learners
  • Covers everything related to Linux Mint 19 release
  • Learn X-apps, Networking and Linux shell

This book covers everything about the Linux Mint 19 release. The main focus of this book is to deal with desktops and administrate tools. Linux Mint 19 emphasizes on what users will face while using Mint. Moreover, it covers different topics such as installation and application usage. In addition to this, you will learn software management and Mint desktops including Mate and Cinnamon.

Furthermore, Linux Mint 19 explains shell commands that are the heart of the Linux operating system. You will learn to accomplish network connections and system administration tasks. This operating system is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTR. The LTR stands for long term release.

Moreover, this platform provides an ever-growing number of quality applications. This book guides you about customizing Mint menus to manage the application. Moreover, you can use this menu to access other devices. This book starts with basic things and moves toward advanced content gradually. First, you will learn installation process. Then you will learn advanced things such as LightDM Display Manager. In addition to this, you will learn the Pulse-Audio sound configuration.

The book also deals with Mint software management applications. This incredible resource explains Linux Mint X-apps as well. The X-apps include X-player, X-view, and Xed. Moreover, you will learn about the Bluetooth setup. Folder and file sharing. Printer configuration.

Linux Mint 19 covers networking in detail. You will learn about firewalls and the configuration of wireless and wired connections.

How Linux Works, 2nd Edition: What Every Super User Should Know

  • This book is an amazing source to resolve curiosities about OS’s working
  • Learn about writing effective shell scripts
  • Guide you about the inner working of boot loaders, servers, etc.

How Linux Works is an impressive book of its genre. It covers the complete working of matchless operating systems. Linux doesn’t hide anything from you. Moreover, it gives you complete control over your computer. So you will only enjoy using Linux when you will be familiar with its internals.

Linux is a more popular platform among developers. So if you want to use Linux, you must be familiar with its working. In other words, you should know how the system boots? What is the actual working of the kernel?

This book guides you about the detailed working of Linux. Most people are curious about the inner working of operating systems. Thanks to Brian Ward who makes the concepts clear. What you will learn? You will learn how to boot loaders load an operating system. Besides, how networking, firewalls, and server work? In addition to this, you will be capable to write your own shell scripts.

Next, you will explore key system tasks inside the userspace. For instance, system calls, filesystems and input/ output. You will learn further real-world examples and theories. Thus, you will learn how to solve problems and take control of your operating system.

The Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition

  • It is an incredible guide for beginners
  • Explains installation of software using the command line and the GUI
  • Learn to configure FTP, LAMP and networking servers

The Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide is a great tool for beginners to dive into Linux. First, you will learn about Linux Mint desktops such as Cinnamon. Second, you will learn about advanced command-line tasks. The shell is a powerful tool to communicate with the kernel directly. The kernel is the heart of Linux. Basically, kernel has control over all operating systems. So it is extremely important to learn this tool!

Furthermore, Linux has a user-friendly interface. User experience is getting better day by day with each latest version. Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide explains the Linux environment in detail. This book further expresses the utilization of this popular free operating systems.

What you will learn in this book? Installation of Mint. Furthermore, you will learn about file and folder management. How to manage users, groups and files permissions? This informative source guide you about editing even the system files. Moreover, it guides you about configuring a Samba server for file sharing.

This book covers almost all basic concepts that are very useful for beginners. Thus, you will learn from the installation of Linux and servers to editing systems files. If you are advanced learners, still it is a handy guide for you. So you will find amazing concepts related to Linux operating systems.

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