The 4 best Office 365 Books

Essential Office 365 Second Edition: The Illustrated Guide to using Microsoft Office

  • You will learn the basics of advanced functionalities.
  • It further guides you about adding graphics, photographs, and clipart.
  • Learn cutting-edge concepts such as charts, functions, formulas, etc.

It is the era of information and technology. So things are getting evolved rapidly. Therefore, you will find new updates and versions coming out every month. Office 365 contains robust tools that are very helpful for students and businesses. So it is important to learn these tools from an incredible source.

In addition, Office 365 is a complete suite with different handy tools. Such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. It further contains OneNote and Outlook, etc. So do you want to learn office 365? If so, Essential Office 365 Second Edition is the best option for you! This is a step by step guide that gradually moves to the advanced topic.

Above all, you will learn various essential concepts from beginning to advanced level. Such as downloading and installing an Office suit. Similarly, creating professional documents. Furthermore, you will learn how to add and use clipart and graphics. The book further facilitates you to create a presentation using PowerPoint 2016.

Besides, you will learn about adding animations and effects to PowerPoint slides. You will also learn about creating spreadsheets. In addition, you will learn even more advanced concepts. Such as analyzing and manipulating Excel data. Further, create charts and graphics. Plus apply different functions and formulas. Finally, after the end of the last chapter, you will be adept to work on Office suite!

Office 365 All in One for Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

  • This book covers Access Office 365.
  • You will further take advantage of Office 365 online services.
  • It includes all tools of Office such as Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.

Office 365 is the most powerful tool having the same productivity power as past versions. First of all, this is the most powerful utility tool that helps you to create documents. These further helps you to manipulate data and create your business presentation. So are you familiar with Office 365? Do you want to learn this tool?

If you want to learn, Office 365 All in One for Dummies is one of the best options for you. As the book name suggests, this book is for dummies. It means absolute beginners can also be a beneficiary of this guide. This book is available at an affordable price. So nothing is better than this platform to learn Office if you are a newcomer.

In addition, this book also includes a lot of tricks, tips, and techniques for quick work. Shortcuts play a significant role to enhance your productivity. So this book makes you capable to work quickly.

Besides, this book guides you in a step by step manner. So that a beginner can easily understand this tool. You will learn almost all the basic concepts regarding these office tools. Either you are a home or business user, this guide is the perfect source for you. Finally, you will be capable to work like the pro after completing this book!

Office 365 Quick Source Reference Guide

  • You will find everything just on 6 pages tri-fold guide.
  • It further highlights different essential features with colored patterns.
  • Provides different shortcuts for time-saving

Are you familiar with Office 365? If so, most probably you would have been forgotten different functionalities while working on Office 365. In this case, you need a reference guide. Moreover, if you want to a reference guide, Office 365 Quick Source Reference Guide is for you!

Office 365 Quick Source Reference Guide is a tri-fold 6 pages reference guide. Therefore, you can learn different cutting-edge concepts in a limited time. This quick reference guide further highlight all concepts step by step. So you can easily understand the entire learning pattern.

In addition this guide provides you a detailed list of shortcuts. As a result, you feel a significant improvement in your working. Besides, this guide contains different tips, tricks and techniques to enhance your productivity. Therefore, it is a fact that the pro tips and tricks dramatically increase your work.

Furthermore, this trifold guide covers many other features. Such as signing into the portal. It further includes customizing your profile. You will also learn using Outlook Web App. While moving ahead, you will be adept at sharing content through Lync.

Above all, you will be proficient in checking the document out. Another important feature such as using community form. Finally, this reference guide will make you capable to work like the pro!

Office 365 for Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

  • You will learn everything related to Office 365.
  • It further uses audio, video and web conferencing for better understanding.
  • You can access information anytime and anywhere

MS Office 365 all around the world. Hence it is a robust application for office use. While using this tool, you have to interact with desktop and cloud based versions of Office 365. If you are totally blank about Office 365, you need to choose an incredible source to get started.

If you are an absolute beginner, Office 365 for Dummies is the finest option for you. As the name of the book suggests, it is for dummies. So this book picks you up from the basic level and takes you to the advanced level.

In addition, this book offers a lot of benefits. For example, security, compatibility, and reliability. It further helps you over the air update in the cloud. Office 365 for Dummies gives you an overview of cloud computing. It further goes on to cover the MS cloud solution and the Office 365 product.

Besides, you will learn how to speed up on instant messaging. Moreover, you can get seamless access to the office suite with different web apps. Finally, you will be capable to work effectively on Office 365 after reading this book.

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