The 4 best PowerPoint Books

PowerPoint 2019 For Dummies (PowerPoint for Dummies)

  • This book helps you to design amazing business presentations.
  • Further, learn to add animations and transitions in the slides.
  • It also includes how to collaborate with other users in the cloud.

Either you are a student or a business, you need a presentation tool. So it is important for you to have a strong grip over one presentation tool. In fact, you should learn PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the most powerful application to design engrossing presentations.

In addition, this tool helps anyone who wants to communicate clearly by creating effective slideshow presentations. So you can add a chart, clipart, audio, video, etc. If you don’t know much about PowerPoint, you should buy this book. So PowerPoint 2019 For Dummies is an incredible guide for blank people who know nothing about this application.

Besides, this book provides everything you need to create stunning slides. For example, you can change font size, style, and color. It further includes how to add clipart and images in your slides. Likewise, videos are another most powerful content to impress the audience. So you can add interactive videos in your slide to grab audience attention.

Another important part of presentations is animation. So this book guides you about adding animation to the text, images, and clipart. Furthermore, the transition is another important factor. It means when you move to the next slide, how this will happen. So you will be capable to add transitions to your slides.

At last, if you are looking for an ideal source, PowerPoint 2019 for Dummies for you! So after reading this book, you will be an expert in slide designing.

PowerPoint Basics In 30 Minutes: How to make effective PowerPoint presentations using a PC, Mac, PowerPoint Online, or the PowerPoint app

  • This book covers PowerPoint for Mobile, Desktop and Online versions.
  • Further learn about transitions, animations, and other effects
  • It also covers proofing tools, exporting PowerPoint as PDF, etc.

While delivering a presentation, slides play a key role to show your positive impression. So you can win the audience’s attention by creating engrossing slides. Therefore, you too want to create your positive impression. Well, all you need is an incredible source.

So we suggest you go with PowerPoint Basics In 30 Minutes. As a result, you will be capable to design matchless slides. This guide covers the basic features of PowerPoint 2016. Moreover, this guide also covers PowerPoint Online. This guide further covers the mobile version of PowerPoint for both Android and iOS. Besides, the PowerPoint manual describes the most robust features of these tools.

In addition, this book covers the list of endless features. For example, you will learn about pre-made PowerPoint templates with stunning backgrounds and fonts. Further, learn about custom layouts, special formatting, and design option. Likewise, it covers shapes, graphs, tables and smart art as well.

So the list doesn’t end here. Besides, it explains graceful transitions between slides. Furthermore, you will learn about animation that is the core feature of PowerPoint. In addition, you will learn different proofing tools for spelling and review.

Moreover, you will also learn about different collaboration features. At last, this book guides you about how to export a PowerPoint file as a PDF. So you will be adept at slid designing.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Introduction Quick Reference Training Tutorial Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts – Laminated Card)

  • This Pamphlet is a 4-page laminated guide that covers everything related to slide designing.
  • You will further learn about animation, running a slide show.
  • Also learn about file management, pics, and text, etc.

Presentations are a very important part of your professional career. So you can present clearly and precisely before your audience and grab their attention. Therefore, you need to be adept at one of the sliding tools. PowerPoint is a powerful tool for presentation. So you can design the most amazing slides using PowerPoint.

First of all, you need an incredible guide to getting started. Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Introduction Quick Reference Training Tutorial Guide is very helpful. If you don’t have enough time to learn this app, you can buy this cheapest pamphlet. This short guide helps you to learn all the core features of PowerPoint. For example, you can learn about transitions and animations.

In addition, this guide covers almost 62 topics of PowerPoint. So it is the perfect source to dive into this application. Furthermore, you will learn all the basic topics. Such as interface basics, file management, and text. Further learn about pictures, shapes, objects, and formatting.

Besides, this book also covers presentations preview, proofing, and basic editing. This book also covers some cutting-edge concepts such as animations and transitions. So after the end of this pamphlet, you will expert in PowerPoint!

Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2016 (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech))

  • This incredible guide explains all features step by step in visual manners.
  • Further, you will walk through PowerPoint’s latest features.
  • It also covers animations, transitions and so on!

PowerPoint is the most incredible tool for presentations. Millions of people use it for their business or academic presentations. So it is a need of this era. Therefore, you must learn this amazing tool. A most noteworthy point to get started is to find a suitable source.

If you are pondering for such a source, Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2016 can be the finest choice for you. So this incredible guide coves almost all concepts in visual manners. Different studies show that visuals remain in our minds for a long time.

Therefore, this book adopts these visual techniques to make you understand. You will learn everything related to PowerPoint. So this incredible guide guides you on how to create slides and dress them up. For example, you can use prebuilt templets, graphics, images, and videos.

Furthermore, you will learn how to use animations and transitions to make your presentation more interactive. Finally, after the completion of this book, you will create presentations like the pro!

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