The 4 best Qt5 books

Qt5 C++ GUI Programming Cookbook: Practical recipes for building cross-platform GUI applications, widgets, and animations with Qt 5

  • Draw shapes and 2D images and animate those elements.
  • Implement a standard OpenGL library.
  • Build a touch supportive application.

This is an intermediate level book specially written for those who want to enhance the quality of visual content of their software application. The graphical user interface plays a significant role in the success of any software. The book contains over 400 pages that cover almost every aspect of GUI for intermediate level GUI designers.

GUI has a remarkable value in all kinds of software applications. To compete with your competitors, you need to improve the visual quality of your application for multiple targets. Qt is compatible with cross-platforms that make it capable to build an interactive, intuitive and user-friendly interface for different applications.

Qt5 C++ GUI Programming Cookbook makes you capable to design stunning and functional user interfaces by utilizing the latest version of QT5 and C++. This amazing book covers a vast variety of topics including graphics rendering, animation, and open GL implementation. Moreover, you can learn GUI customization and Google Maps implementation.

In addition, the book also covers some advanced concepts such as network programming and asynchronous programming. You will learn how to build touch screen applications with Qt5. This book elaborates on the mechanism of event handling by using signals and slots. You will find detailed concepts to optimize your application.

After completing this informative book, you can confidently and professionally design and customize any GUI application to meet your client’s expectations. You will learn numerous core concepts of GUI. Here are a few of key feature of this Qt5 book as follows:

Qt5 Python GUI Programming Cookbook: Building responsive and powerful cross-platform applications with PyQt

  • Learn to advance OOPs concepts with GUIs implementation.
  • Usage of all GUI components with advanced concepts.
  • Perform asynchronous input/output operation.

If you are an intermediate level Python programmer and want to take that at an advanced level, this book is for you. You can polish your coding and improve your programming skills with the Qt5 Python GUI Programming Cookbook. Python is the most popular and robust language so you can customize different stunning and reliable applications.

PyQt is the most advantageous cross-platform interface toolkit available for advanced level programmers. If you want complete control over different aspects of user-interface elements, PyQt is one of the best options. This book will guide you in detailed all concepts related to creating fully functional GUI applications.

As you expand more widgets of GUI, you will learn advanced concepts of databases, networks and graphical libraries to improve the visuals of application. Name any GUI widgets, the book most possibly covers that. This Qt book guides you to design user interface, by implementing dialogs, clipboard and other popular drag and drop capability.

In addition to this, you will cover different topics such as GUI animation and look and feel customization. Moreover, you will cover Google Maps development, graphics rendering and event handling. The book makes you capable to design cross-platform apps having compatibility with Android and iOS.

After the completion of this book, you will see advancement in your programming skills. You will be capable to develop engrossing software with PyQt. Here are some benefits of this book:

Hands-On High-Performance Programming with Qt 5: Build cross-platform applications using concurrency, parallel programming, and memory management

  • Advance concepts of C++ and program performance.
  • An in-depth guide to learn multi-threading and concurrency.
  • Input and output performance and deal with related problems.

If you want to develop a high-performance desktop or embedded application, this book is highly recommended for you. You just need to have hands-on experience in C++ programming. The book contains almost 400 pages that dramatically improve your coding performance. Most programmers face severe issues in performant programs. So this book deals with the programming performance perspective.

Qt5 book highlights the improvement factors in the code that really help you to enhance code performance. You will learn about different tools that really help you to identify the exact reason behind the low performance. You will deal with concurrency and multithreading. Different performance and how to deal with them. Moreover, this book will assist you to find bottlenecks in the program.

In addition to this, you will be capable to optimize graphical and network performance. You can check the performance of different mobile and embedded devices. By the end of this guide, you will be capable to build more efficient, performance-oriented and concurrent Qt applications. Here is some important aspect to cover:

Qt5 C GUI Programming Cookbook: Design and build a functional, appealing, and user-friendly graphical user interface

  • Improve visual quality by adding graphics and animation.
  • Standard OpenGL implementation.
  • A balance visual presentation with content.

A user has tons of software choices as computer technology is getting advanced day by day. Everyone want arresting design, amazing functionality and user-friendly interface for their application. If your software visuals are not up to the mark, the user will pick an alternative option rather than yours. So it is crucial to create sumptuous and eye-catching designs for your software to stand out in the market.

Qt5 C GUI Programming Cookbook is the most amazing book to develop appealing and functional software. The book contains 300 pages and available at an affordable price. You can find all the stunning GUI components. So, you will learn how to customize the look and feel of your application by utilizing Qt5 editors. So this Qt5 book helps you to manage different GUI elements and their appearance.

Furthermore, you can draw different 2D images by using a powerful rendering system offered by Qt5. You can implement OpenGL in your application and add 3D animation. After reading this entire book you will be capable to implement touch supportive events. Moreover, you can extract web content and interact with it by calling different functions of C. Here are phenomenal benefits of this Qt5 book:

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