The 4 best Robotic Books

Robotics: Everything You Need to Know About Robotics from Beginner to Expert

  • This incredible guide is useful for beginners to advanced learners
  • Learn all essential robot components
  • Explains how to create the brain of your robot

We are in an age where almost everything is getting automated day by day. Smart and intelligent robots perform different tasks effectively and precisely. So do you love a robot? Are you curious about the working of robots? Do you want to know the advanced technology behind robots? If yes, you have come to the right place!

Robotics, this guide, will help you to explore the fascinating world of robots. As the name suggests everything you need to know about robotics from beginner to expert. The books start with the history of robotics. Do you want to meet the very first robot in history? Amazed? This book will clear a way to meet the first robot.

In addition to this, you will learn the 3 Rules. Furthermore, this book explains in detail all the building blocks of the robots. So you can consider them parts of the body of a robot. These parts include analog and digital brains. This list further includes DC, stepper motors, servo, and bump sensors. Besides this, you will learn about light sensors and even about the robotic bodywork.

So do you want to program your own robot? What confused, where to get started? Robotics is for you do. Are you an absolute beginner? Everything you need to know about robotics from beginner to expert is in your hand.

Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control

  • This guide explains the mechanics and control of robots.
  • Target newcomers in the robotics field
  • Learn different physical features of robots

Modern Robotics is one of the best sources to learn about robotics. This book provides the unified and distinct perspective of mechanics, planning, and control of your robots. Moreover, this book is very handy if you are a self-learner.

The main target of this book is to cover everything that is the need for freshmen. So this book covers basic concepts such as ordinary differential equations. Moreover, this informative source needs a basic understanding of linear algebra. And a little bit of background in computer science.

In addition to this, Modern Robotics provides advanced techniques. Such as the state of the art and screw-theoretic. These techniques capture the most salient features of robots in an impressive geometrical way.

This book further provides many exercises at the end of the chapter to polish your skills. Besides this, you will find different video lectures alongside the book. The writer of this book provides you different code samples for a better understanding of concepts. You will find all these concepts just on the 544 pages. So after the end of this book, you will be capable to make a fully functional robot. So grab a copy of this book to get started!

Learn Robotics Programming: Build and control autonomous robots using Raspberry Pi 3 and Python

  • This guide covers the fundamentals of robotic programming
  • Program your robot by using Raspberry Pi 3 and Python
  • Build a robot having interactive and AI-enabled behaviors

Robots are playing a significant role in different industries nowadays. They work precisely in a short time span. The combination of Python and Raspberry Pi works perfectly to build these kinds of robots. So if you want to make your own robots, you need to learn both these languages.

Moreover, if you want to learn these languages, you need a perfect guide that should cover things. Are you looking for such a comprehensive guide? So learn Robotics Programming is for you. As you start reading this book, you will progress gradually. Therefore, you will learn how to use different values and sensors to get precise results.

In addition to this, this book builds your skills and polish your coding skills. It further enhances your interest while interacting with sensors. You will learn RGB strips in Python. Moreover, you will learn to control servo motors by using Python. This book further teaches you about voice communication with your robot using Mycroft. Besides this, you will learn how to control robot vision using an OpenCV and a Pi Camera.

You will learn how to update your robot and set up a phone and web. Moreover, you will learn Wi-Fi connectivity to control the working of your robot. After the end of this boo, you will be capable to build a clever robot. That robot will perform even basic artificial intelligence operations.


  • This guide covers everything from designing to operating robots.
  • Very helpful to build interest of kids in science and technology
  • Learn to create a fully-functional robot

Do you want to keep yourself up to date with the latest technology? Who doesn’t! So it is the era of robots and the future as well. Do you want to learn about robotics? Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future is for you! This is a comprehensive guide that teaches you everything about this exciting field.

What you will learn in this book? So you will learn to design, building and operating robots. Furthermore, in the designing phase, you will learn different parts of the body of a robot. Such as sensors, controls, different control servo motors.

After the complete introduction of components, you will learn the assembling process. So you will learn steps by step instructions to build real robots models. Budding robotics will explain how to create working hands of robots.

Moreover, you will learn how to create fully working hydraulic arms. Besides this, you will learn about solar-powered robots, light-seeking robots, and different sensors. This book is a great way to build kids interest in the STEM subjects. STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. So it encourages kids to use their talent and come up with creative solutions. At last, it helps kids to solve tricky problems as well.

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