The 4 best Programming Books

Starting off to learn programming is not just a walk in the park. It needs you to use a little bit more effort in the search of information. Even if you went to a class, you will still need reference materials to try out the included examples and see if you can manage them. As an aspiring programmer you will need to find the best and the most affordable programming books to start up your reading. When checking out for the books you will need to make sure that the books you are selecting have the right content you need to be equipped with. You should always read the review about the book and the author to ascertain that they are genuine. The beginning part in designing is learning programming languages and that is what all beginner programming books talks about. Here is a list of the very best programming books for absolute beginners;

Python Programming For The Absolute Beginner (by Michael Dawson)

  • There is a project at the end of every chapter, it helps you evaluate what you have been doing
  • Contains the very basic information, it is good for beginners
  • There are many examples for each new concept
  • Is accessible on Amazon

So are you interested in learning programming? Well, this is the best book to go for then. Since python is an easy language to understand, this means it won’t be difficult for you to learn. In this book you will get basic knowledge and the skills needed for python programming application. The book will include the simplest codes examples an how to write them in python and when the chapter ends there will be a demonstration of a product created as a result of the knowledge in that chapter, this gives you a hands-on experience that you will need in the study of this course. The book is loaded with tests and exercises that will give you a challenge as you learn.

SQL: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Learn SQL Programming Step By Step (by Ryan Turner)

  • It is easy to understand
  • Good structuring of topics
  • It uses simple language

SOL or Structured Query Language is best for a beginner because it is quite easy to use. This book is majorly based on sql as a programming language. The book gives you the best content with good examples per topic that can help you to practice what you are learning. The language used in the book is quite simple to understand too. The topics that feature in this book include; definition of SGL language, SQL joins and unions, Database creation, Database administration, Entry data integrity, modifying and controlling tables, these are the very first ones but the list is long, this just means that the breakdown of topics is very convenient, you can understand them easily. This particular book was written specifically for beginners.

JavaScript Programming: A Step By Step Guide For Absolute Beginners (by Brian Jenkins)

  • It covers the basics from scratch
  • It uses a simple language
  • It uses examples in every topic
  • It includes codes and their description

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the world; this is why it is important to learn it. This book makes an introduction to you from the very basic concept of programming which include; programming building blocks, operators, types, variables, conditionals, loops, functions among other things that are basic. The book also includes simple codes in JavaScript and they are explained well on how they are formed. In this book there are images that shows how the codes are written, executed and the results that come out, so when you carry out your trial you will know if you are right or you are not. The topics covered in this book include; JavaScript basics, popup message, JavaScript variables, JavaScript validation among other topics

Php For Beginners 2019: Complete Step-By-Step Guide (by Shekhar mishra)

  • Affordable
  • Easy to understand
  • It is extensive in coverage

This is a programming book for beginners based on php programming language. This is a very important book for you as a beginner because it is a guide to the most popular open source scripting language. This book covers the following chapters; introduction to PHP, XAMPP and net beans, arrays, control structures, loops, strings, cookies and sessions among others that are the most basic. The book also has a very clear and understandable language. It is a very affordable book too.

To sum this up, you realize that there are quite good books that can help you in your beginner programming course. You can choose the books according to the programming language you want to base on and also you should consider the language used if it is easy to understand or not, this is because you might find a trouble understanding the information when reading, finally you should always check the reviews before buying a book. You can check out other languages like sql, kotlin and visual basics.

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