The 4 best Programming Journey Books

Having programming skills is just one of the very best things everyone would want to have in this very fast advancing technology era. In the current world, almost everything is being programmed; this is the reason why everything is getting automated. Programming is very important in our day to day life, almost everything around us is as a result of programming, from the phone you are holding right now to your complicated security alarm on your house. It can be important to you if you want to take it as a career or maybe learn it for the purpose of creating a new thing for a better world, not forgetting the business purpose, you can take your business to another level if you understood programming, you would want to think of something new to help the growth of your business.

For you to effectively start your programming journey, the very first thing you will need to do is to learn the language that a computer can understand easily. I mean, a computer does not understand the languages that we humans use, there are the specific languages written for a computer called programming languages, these includes; python, java, java script, C++, also you will need visual basics; this is just naming some of them. I am going to show you in this article the materials that can help you start off with programming languages and where to get them;

Deep learning with python

  • Covers basics as well as fundamental coursed
  • Both a beginner and an expert can benefit from it
  • Uses simple language
  • It is cheaper compared to other books

This is a quite detailed book written by Francois Chollrte. This is a good book for beginners, intermediate or an expert in programming it majorly covers the python programming language. The book has a simple and understandable language that anybody can understand. It also gives you the practical learning. This book covers the information on the neutral network, machine perception, understanding image data, understanding video data, understanding sound data among other very many topics. Deep learning is loaded with examples that help you practice what you are learning. It contains the coding languages like Keras, which is the machine learning program, among others.

Eloquent JavaScript, A Modern Introduction To Programming (By Marij Haverbeke)

  • The book is simple to understand
  • It is cheap
  • It covers content for beginners and expert too

This is the latest edition of this book that has been revised and is up to date. The book goes deep into exploring JavaScript programming language. It covers themes like; the structure of java language, the use of functions, control structures and data structures. The book has very many examples through the topics that go through the sequence until they reach a full project, so by the end of this book you will have written a full program.

The book will help you to; understand the basic elements of programming like control and syntax, the book will also help you to arrange your code and clarify it with object-oriented programming techniques.

The joy of PHP: A beginner’s guide to programming by Allan Forbes

  • It is good for beginners and advanced learners
  • It contains examples
  • It covers many topics in details
  • It has a simple understandable language

This is the third edition of this book. The book starts with the very basics in HTML which makes it very suitable for beginners. It takes you through detailed steps until you understand how php works in programming. The book uses practical examples in its lessons and this is very good for the beginners because you will get the hands-on experience on using php. The book has been written in a very simple way that helps you understand php and sql better. The book covers the following areas; installing and configuring PHP, introduction to HTML, basics in PHP syntax, variables, Numbers, dates and strings, control structures, hoe to use database among others.

Kotlin in action by Dmitry Jemerov

  • The book is affordable
  • I is easy to understand
  • It is rich in information

This book focuses on kotlin programming language. This book focuses on programmers who have some knowledge about java. This book helps you to improve your skills in other programming language. The book gives you direction on how to produce android applications with kiotlin programming language. The book contains; functional programming on JVM, writing codes, using java and kotlin together, learn languages that are specific to the domain. This book is the very first you should learn if you want to master kotlin and use it very well.

To sum this up, you realize that it is very important to have a knowledge about the programming languages for you to be able to start up on programming lessons, it is also important that you check out the most suitable language that you can understand better and be able to use. Finally, it is Important to get a book that will help you through the language.

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