The 4 best Books for Programming Languages

Programming has got its momentum and very many people are diving into this field now, thanks to technological advancements. Now, unlike before, people can easily access programming books, whether online or the hard copies. There has emerged also very many teachers of the same all over, many of them actually being online, this has made it easier for people to get lessons amidst their busy schedule. All you need to do is to get a book and get the tutorial video that will explain the concept for you as you go through the book. There are very many programming books that are available especially online that have been made easier for you as a reader, you can self learn once you get to purchase them, however it might be a problem if you are not aware of the best books to choose from the many that are available on the platforms, I will be taking you through a sample of the most commonly used for studying,

Python Crash Course: A Hands –On, Project Based Introduction To Programming (By Eric Mathews)

  • The book gives you a hands-on experience
  • The explanation is good, a step-by-step approach is used
  • The book is based on a project so you get to do a project as you go on
  • Good for beginners

This is one of the commonly used books for learning python as a language in programming. It is the second edition, a revision of the first edition, it has become the most bought in the world because of its content and the way the content is displayed. The book is a very good one for the beginners and it undertakes a real project in the tutorials, this gives you a hands-on experience because at the end of the study you would have come up with a real project. This book contains explanations that are very detailed and helps you understand the concept very well.

The book takes you in a step-by-step explanation as you start your code building from the very simple ones to the very complex ones within a very short time. The book takes you through the essential skills in the theory quickly so that you can major on the practical which teaches more effectively than what theory does.

Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide (By Eric Freeman And Elisabeth Robson)

  • Presents information in a unique way
  • The tone is less official
  • There is use of pictures which helps in remembering

This is also one of the most popular programming books that are based on JavaScript programming language. The book goes slow on your brain, using a language that takes you away from the lecture room environment, which makes it more understandable and memorable. The book uses pictures to explain the concepts, the mind tends to grasp the pictures more than anything else and so this can ensure retention. The book explores the aspects that intent to help you retain the concept in your mind, hence they use very unique way of presenting the concept.

The book covers many topics which includes; the inner details of JavaScript, how JavaScript works, types of JavaScript, using arrays, how to work with objects, understanding closure, using prototype among others.

PHP For The Web: Visual Quick Start Guide(by Larry Ullman)

  • The language is straight forward
  • The examples are relevant
  • The book is cheap

This is another most commonly books used which has a basis of php programming language. The book is mostly liked because it has visual references, which are things like pictures among others. It also approaches the explanations in a very well placed manner, explanations are done step-by-step offering the best details this makes it the best choice for the beginners and the intermediate learners.

The language used in this book is very straight forward and it is accompanied by examples that are relevant to the content. The examples that are given in this book are related to the normal life setting and not some old examples that have been used over years.

Getting Started With SQL: A Hands-On Approach for Beginners. (by Thomas Nield)

  • Use of relevant examples
  • Simple language to understand
  • The book is relatively affordable

Is the most popular book when it comes to programming using sql programming language. The book will help you learn how to use SQLite and SQLite studio to create a database within a very short time, it will also help you to know how to build your own tables and centralize database using normalized design principles and how to join the tables, you will also be able to manage data by learning how to INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE records. The book is equipped with examples which will help you understand the concepts better, the language used here is also very simp0le to understand.

To sum this up, you should be careful when purchasing the books, make sure they are genuine before you buy. You can check out some other languages like kotlin and visual basic.

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