The 4 best HTML and CSS Books

The advent of the Internet and the freedom for anyone or company to host a website by just paying a web host for space has made websites very popular. The implication is the high demand for website designers. HTML, which is short for Hypertext Markup Language is the major programming language for creating websites. The advent of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) contributed significantly to building a responsive website. Thus, HTML and CSS are now been used together for the creation of current and trendy websites. One of the major uses of books is to help us to learn. There are several books that have been written about C++ over the years. Different writers have attempted to use their books to help people who want to know more about C++. This article will discuss the top 4 books that you can use to learn HTML and CSS so that you can also develop your website designing skills.

Head First HTML and CSS

  • Great for beginners who want to learn HTML
  • Great for beginners or HTML programmers who want to learn CSS
  • Visually appealing design that encourages retention of the book’s content.

Head First HTML and CSS, written by Robson Elisabeth and Eric Freeman, was released in 2012. They observed that a lot of people were tired of reading HTML books that they only got to understand after they have exploited other means to become experts. With this book, it is possible to really learn HTML as a newbie. The book can help you build the right website you have always wanted to design by teaching you how to design your website with HTML and CSS. By reading the book, you will get to know web page creation secrets.

The books are written in a way that is interesting and easy to read that will keep you glued to the pages even as you learn. You will be able to learn the 2 languages for web design in a way that you would never forget what you have learned. This is achieved through the use of a format that is visually rich and designs that will stick. The pros of the book include:

Learn CSS in One Day and Learn It Well

  • Use of effective learning by doing approach.
  • Easy to understand English and presentation
  • The book can be understood even with no knowledge of coding.

The 2015 book, Learn CSS in one day and Learn it well was written by Jamie Chan. The author of the book created the book with the aim of reaching out to those who want to learn HTML and CSS as soon as possible and be able to do a lot with it. It followed the dimension of interactive exercises that the user can practice and learn along. The book breaks HTML and CSS down to the level that those who are afraid of technical stuff can still learn, only if they got brave enough to use the book or were lucky enough to encounter the book.

The book broke down seemingly complex HTML and CSS concepts into easy steps that anybody can follow to learn the 2 languages. Few of the topics covered by the book include Required software for writing and running of CSS codes as well as changing CSS boxes background among others. The pros of the book include:

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

  • A detailed explanation of responsive designs
  • Easy to understand explanation and discussion
  • Some sense of humor to encourage reading and understanding.

The book was written by Ben Frain in 2015. The author knowing the current and future relevance of HTML5 and CSS3 decided to write the book to help people learn the art of responsive website designs. The book discusses SVG implementation, coding of responsive images and Flexbox layout mechanism. The implication is that a lot of people can learn about CSS transitions, transformations, and animations.

To get the best from the book, it is important to have some level of HTML and CSS knowledge. However, the art of creating designs that are responsive and great website creation is fully discussed in the book. Thus, by the time you finish reading the book, there will be a significant improvement in the way you design websites. The pros of the book include:

A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS

  • In 2015, Mark Myers wrote a smarter way to Learn HTML and SPSS.
  • The book also features the learn by doing strategy.

Considering that some people might be discouraged from reading long text, especially when the long text is more of codes. They decided to solve this problem by making the chapters of the book to be short. The book features free online exercises that are interactive. Thus, while learning, you can take exercises online and see how you are faring, while you keep improving. The book is aimed at equipping beginners as well as help experienced website developers with information on HTML and CSS. The author of the book encourages that users should not just attempt to read the book like any other book. On the contrary, it was advised that it is best to practice more than you read to a study. The result of their study showed that the practice of 3:1 practicing: reading ratio respectively is very effective. It is believed that learning with this approach will result in a 400 percent improvement in the ability of the user to retain what he has read.


If you want to build a modern website, you will need to use your knowledge of HTML and C++ to make the language responsive. One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to learn CSS and HTML is by using a book. The book listed above is very easy to use and can be used by anybody who wants to learn about HTML5 and CSS towards building responsive websites or to improve on the scope of programming languages they have already learned.

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