The 4 best Raspberry Pi Books

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer series with a single board that was invented in the UK. The aim of the computer was to teach children in schools and developing countries fundamental computer science. With the instant success of the device, it has attracted a lot of interest. If you are among those who are interested in creating Raspberry Pi projects, then you might want to know about some books that can easily guide you through that journey. This article will discuss the top 4 books that you can use to learn Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi 3 Mastery

  • Step by step approach to creating Raspberry Pi projects
  • Source codes that you can study to improve your knowledge
  • Easy to follow steps for quick project development

This is a book you should get if you want to become an expert in developing Raspberry Pi applications. The book, written by Steve McCarthy, was released on 9 October 2018. The book consists of 2 parts. There is the first part that discusses setting up, programming and developing Great Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners There is also the second part that contains Step-By-Step Configuration Guide and Programming Example in Node.js and Python. This book will introduce you to the versatility of Raspberry Pi such that you will be guided on how you can create any project of your choice. Such a project could be a media center running or creating a console for retro gaming.

The book will guide you in such a way that within an hour, you could be done with your project. The book will also give you some interesting knowledge about python. The book starts with OpenCV introduction. After this, video cameras programming was explained in details. Other things you will learn in the book include Smart TV development, weather app creation, creating a network accessible print setup and face detection app among others. The pros of the book include:

Raspberry Pi 3: New and Simple Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry Pi 3

  • Very great for people with no knowledge of Raspberry Pi
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Teaches everything you need to know to kick start your Raspberry Pi 3 development.

The Raspberry Pi 3 was written by Andrew Rogers and released on 2 February 2019. The book is a simple and new guide to Raspberry Pi 3 for beginners. The book discusses Raspberry Pi for individuals that have no idea what it is. Thus, it is great for starters who are just about to start their first Raspberry Pi experience. What you should expect to find in the book include various models of Raspberry Pi features, the process of setting up Raspberry, the steps for developing various Raspberry Pi devices, how you can utilize your Pi to gain knowledge in IoT, programming and other projects as well as different programs that are compatible with Raspberry Pi. The pros of the book include:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for Beginners

  • Explains what Raspberry Pi is
  • Introduces you to all Raspberry features and how to use them
  • Covers the development of Raspberry Pi projects

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for Beginners was written by Jeffrey S Waller and released on 13 February 2019. The book gives you the opportunity to learn about the Internet of Things, which is being poised to be the next generation of computing. The book serves as a great companion for individuals who are just acquiring their first Raspberry Pi. It guides you through the installation of an operating system for the device. The book covers what differentiates a traditional computer from Raspberry Pi 3. It then describes the steps you need to follow to prepare your Raspberry Pi. After this, the book explains what you can achieve with your Raspberry Pi. Here, you will learn a number of things including image recognition, voice control and Internet of Things. The book will also guide you through the Raspbian commands that are most useful in Raspberry Pi as well as Basic Python programming. The book will further take you through the exploration of various Raspberry Pi projects and many other topics. The pros of the book include:

Advanced Raspberry Pi

  • Detailed hardware and complete schematics explanation
  • Project examples that can guide you while writing your own projects
  • Best for those that want a book that will not bore them with the basics first, since they are past that stage.

The Advanced Raspberry Pi was written by Warren Gay and released on 11 February 2019. Now you have probably had a good introduction to Raspberry Pi and perhaps, you have already started developing projects. However, you want to now learn the advanced parts of Raspberry Pi and become a master on the device. This is where Advanced Raspberry Pi comes in. The book leaves out all the basic parts of the device and goes straight into the advanced part. The book will show you how to use Linux driver info and the working of the different models of Raspberry Pi from Pi Zero to Pi 3 B+. You will also get to review some Raspberry 3 projects that you can adapt to your own project needs. Other topics that are covered in the book include interface for 1-Wire driver, serial Linux console configuration and code for cross compile such as Linux Kernel. Whenever you are working on your project, Advanced Raspberry Pi will be right there as a reference book and as a source of inspiration. The pros of the book include:


The article covers 3 books that are great for beginners who have very little to no idea on Raspberry Pi. The fourth book, on the other hand, appeals to those who are intermediate and advanced users of Raspberry Pi. Once you choose any of the books from this list, based on your level, you can be sure that you will be able to find all the information you need to create your projects.

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