The 4 best Ruby Programming Books

Ruby is a general purpose, high level and interpreted programming language. A Japanese by the name Yukihiro Matsumoto developed the program in 1995. The program supports many paradigms such as functional, object-oriented and procedural programming. The versatility and powerful nature of the program have made it become widely used, with a lot of people learning to write the code daily. Consequently, some people who have learned and mastered the program, have put together books that other aspiring Ruby programmers can use to make their learning process easier and faster. The top 4 of such books are discussed in this article.

Learn Ruby in 7 Days

  • Gives you the opportunity to quickly learn Ruby within a week.
  • Great for people without any prior knowledge of Ruby
  • Written in an easy to read and understand manner.

Learn Ruby in 7 Days was written by Nitin Kore and released on 12 October 2017. The book is targeted at people who desire to quickly learn Ruby due to an urgent need, such as the need to secure a job that requires knowledge in Ruby or the need to implement a project. The book promises to help anybody who wants to learn Ruby achieve that within 7 days. The book covers a lot of topics that will help your quest to develop the ability to write software programs based on Ruby. The book covers the syntaxes in Ruby language and discusses strings, math functions, iterators, loops and conditional statement in Ruby. The book also covers how to handle scopes, variables, hashes, arrays, blocks, yield, arithmetic operators and exceptions. The book will then guide you through programming based on an object-oriented concept before teaching you how you can develop real-life applications with Ruby. The book thus, promises to take you from the beginner level, through the intermediate and into the advanced level of Ruby programming. The pros of the book include:

Ruby Programming

  • Covers the basic to advanced aspects of Ruby programming
  • Very affordable
  • Presented in an easy to understand the manner

Ruby Programming, written by Alban Andahi, was released on 4 February 2018. The book is great for people who are about to start Rubi programming. It covers every part of Ruby programming from the beginners to advanced aspects of programming in Ruby. The book is best for individuals who already have knowledge or experience in programming, but have not used Ruby before. The book starts with Ruby syntaxes, what they do and how they are used. It also discusses the constructs of language including SQL, relational database and blocks. The book then explains other parts of Ruby programming and how to write your own programs with Ruby. By the time you are through with the book, you will be ready to start using any Ruby on Rails books to finally be able to explore the world of Ruby to the fullest. The pros of the book include:

Ruby in 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast

  • Helps you learn the essentials of Ruby within a short while
  • Contains tests, examples, and answers that will come in handy for interview and exam preparation
  • Easy to understand language

The Ruby in 8 Hours book was written by Ray Yao and released on 1 August 2018. If you are a beginner and you want the fastest approach to Ruby, then this book is for you. You have a sudden job interview; Ruby certification exam or school exam you have to attend. Thus, you want the best and easiest way to be able to meet up with the short timing, then this book will go a long way to get you prepared within that short while. It is, however, also great for any beginner who wants to delve into Ruby programming. The topics that will be treated in the book include running Ruby, usage of Function and method, usage of data type and variables, statement usage, string usage, array usage, elements usage, usage of time and date, usage of files and usage of exception. The book also comes with over 80 real-life examples that beginners can use. Common test questions that are often asked during Ruby interviews and exams, as well as their answers, are also discussed. The book promises to take you through the essential parts of Ruby within a period of 8 hours. The pros of the book include:

Agile Web Development with Rails 5.1

  • Serves as great reference material for advanced Ruby programmers
  • Gives a far-reaching and broad reference and tutorial of Ruby on rails
  • Covers every information you need latest Ruby on Rails features.

Agile Web Development with Rails 5.1 was written by Dave Thomas, David B Copeland, and Sam Ruby. The book, which was released on 16 November 2017, teaches the rails part of Ruby in a broad manner. Ruby on Rails is the advanced part of Ruby that you can use to create advanced and intriguing web applications and other types of applications using Ruby. The book begins with a step by step guidance of developing a real program with the software while discussing the features of Rails. It teaches how to seamlessly incorporate JavaScript and Ajax so that you do not need to bother about tedious configurations. The book also shows you how to create real-time features with ActionCable and WebSockets. The book further guides you on testing your programs while developing them with system, integration and built-in unit testing. The book is great for advanced Ruby users, who already have good knowledge about Ruby and want to take the next step to start programming on Rails. The pros of the book include:


You have just learned that Airbnb, Disney, Shopify, and Twitter were developed with Ruby or you have a sudden interview that requires a good knowledge of Ruby? You desperately need to learn the programming language from the beginning as soon as possible. Then the first 3 books discussed in this article will be very apt for you. If you are an intermediate or advanced user and you need a book that will further expose you to the deeper part of rails, then you can get the fourth book.

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