The 4 best Swift Programming Books

Hello Swift: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners

  • Kids learn to program
  • Over 400 pages
  • Begins with basic topics

It is not always that you see a book that children can use to learn an advanced programming language. Books for children programming language will rather focus on the simpler programming languages, especially the programming languages made for kids. However, this book guides its readers into the use of Swift language for iOS apps programming. There are over 400 Pages which will provide you value. It is written from the perspective of a kid, making it a very vital book for kids who want to learn swift programming. 

It contains properly illustrated and approachable guides, based on a step by step approach. The book starts by taking the user through the definition of an application and would be required to develop an app. From there, it proceeds to vital programming concepts that are generic to the most programming languages. By the time the kid or reader is finished with the book, they would have developed their first simple app. The book can also be used by adult beginners who want to learn Swift. 

There are a lot of advantages for you if your kid learns to program in a very early stage. Later on they will have a much broader knowledge and can become top programmers. One of the most important things here is that your kids are having fun doing it which is why I chose this book. The examples are fun and they will learn a lot of new stuff.

One of the nicest topics covered in the book is the part about object oriented programming which is the base fundament for a lot of programming languages today. It simplifies the process of coding and is useful for reusing your code.

Swift: A Comprehensive Intermediate Guide to Learn and Master the Concept of Swift Programming

  • Provides an intermediate tutorial 
  • Explains all the major concepts
  • Great price performance

Perhaps, you have been interested in building an iOS app but you are confused as to where to begin. You are thinking it’s a very tedious task that might not be for you after going through a number of blogs that only discuss Swift concepts and nothing much to help. Then you should consider getting this swift book. The book features a lot of topics that you can follow to start developing your own apps within a short while. The book discusses the basics of designing a swift app and then guides you on how to write iOS apps. The book is also great for those who have been programming in other language(s) and want to learn how to program in swift as well. The topics that the book covers include principles of major design for iOS users discovery, image manipulation and data management, Sending of MMS and SMS with the Message feature, classic animations development, Cells table View animation and importance of interactive views among others. 

All of those Topics will help you later if you want to develop your own Swift based Application. For example you can do a lot of Stuff with the right data management. This is important in games and normal Applications. Another great point is it’s price which is very cheap compared to the value you will get out of this book 

iOS 12 Programming Fundamentals with Swift: Swift, Xcode and Cocoa Basics

  • Covers the fundamentals 
  • Teaches other related IDE and software
  • Introduces Objective-C and C communication

The book provides a move into the development of iOS apps by starting with the fundamentals of iOS programming. The book teaches Swift 4.2, Cocoa Touch and Xcode IDE 10. The guide, which is thoroughly updated, gives you all you need to become conversant with Swift, know the development tools in Apple’s Xcode as well as find out about the framework for Cocoa. The topics covered in the book include concepts of object-oriented programming in Swift, types of built-in Swift, generics, protocols and swift objects, Xcode project lifecycle, loading of nibs, design of Cocoa’s event-driven as well as Objective-C and C communication among others. You will also get to learn about the latest features in iOS programming such as improvements of source control, multiple selections, lookup of a dynamic member, conditional conformance, self-synthesizing protocols. As soon as you are conversant with the basics in iOS programming, you can use this book as a guide to putting you through the details of developing iOS with Swift and other related software. 

Swift Apprentice: Beginning programming with Swift 4.2

  • Well detailed tutorial on Swift
  • Great for beginner
  • Write apps for all platforms

Many writers put together this book that will help you learn everything you need to start developing iOS apps in Apple even if you have little to no experience. You will learn the usage of strings and numbers, decision making, function, collection types, creating your own types, protocols and protocol-oriented programming, error handling, and functional programming. 

Most of the Basic things can be similarly found in other programming languages as well. So if you want to switch from IOS to another language you will have a basic fundament.

Even the more advanced functions like error handling can be used in other languages. The Syntax is a little bit different but the thought behind it is basically the same.

It has over 450 Pages which really are high quality because of the many writers. The only disadvantage is it’s high price but if you consider the work that has been poured into this book then I would say that it is a very fair price. 

If you are trying out all the provided examples at home than you won’t have any difficulty developing your own application. 

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